Sarah Paulson Was Shocked To Find This Buried In The Yard Of Her New House

Sarah Paulson has been candid that success ― at least on a commercial scale ― came later to her in life. The 42-year-old, who began working as an actress as a teenager, has said she doesn’t believe her acting career took off till just four years ago, when she appeared as racist Mistress Epps in 12 Years a Slave. Seemingly keeping with tradition of taking her time with things, it wasn’t until last fall that Paulson became a first-time homeowner, thanks in part to her American Horror Story castmate, Emma Roberts. During the Tribeca Film Festival, Paulson chatted with AD about her new home at the McIntosh Townhouse, where she was celebrating the 2nd Moet Moment Film Festival, an annual competition that encourages a new generation of artists dedicated to telling stories through film. Although the 2,100-square-foot single-story home in Hollywood Hills West had been renovated shortly before Paulson purchased it off-market from Roberts, she decided to make some personal adjustments to it herself, and thus has yet to move into the three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house, which was originally built in 1949. If the end result is anything near as stylish as the American Crime Story actress’s red carpet appearances, we can’t wait to see the final result.

AD: A little birdie told us you just bought a house.

Sarah Paulson: I did just buy a house! It’s in Los Angeles.

AD: And Emma Roberts used to own it, right? Were you just hanging out there one time and asked her if you could buy it, or how did it happen?

SP: I had never been to her house actually, but I was really starting for the first time…I’m a New Yorker at heart, so the idea of living in a box over a subway stop never really bothered me, and it’s all I ever really thought I wanted and I was totally content with, but it turned out when you live in Los Angeles for a long enough time, you start to realize: “Wait, you mean I can figure out a rug, and a bedspread, and a painting that I love?!” And all of a sudden those things were starting to become things I was aware of in terms of my own personal tastes. And I happen to think Emma has incredible taste. And we worked together, and I think Emma was doing Scream Queens at the time and I was still doing American Horror Story, and I was standing with one of the producers, who is a friend of Emma’s as well, and she texted very casually, “Oh, I want to sell my house.” I don’t think she was that serious. I was sitting there and I said to him: “Tell her right now I want to go see that house!” And it happened very, very quickly, and I’m not 100 percent sure she really wanted to do that but it’s too late now — I’ve already done so much stuff to it you can’t even imagine!

Tips to get the right home loan for your ‘Dream house’

Applying for a home loan could be an unfamiliar territory for most of us. While most brokers may offer you help, you’d want to do it yourself. It’s one of those life skills that we need as adults, but isn’t taught to us. How do you make sure you’re not paying too much money or just how much do you want as a loan? Being able to get a loan when you need the money can help you to get the perfect home for your family. So here’s what you need to do to ease your home loan process.

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Get your credit report

A credit report is a history of your credit, including loans, your employment record, late payments, etc. Your credit report is the trail to your financial activity. It helps the lender to check if you will be able to pay him on time or delay the loan payment. Obtain your credit report and study it. In case there are any negative point in your report including late payments or pending ones, pay them off immediately. A negative credit report will result in a lower credit score.

Calculate EMI

Depending on your income and the requirement, the lender may agree to loan you a certain amount of money. Before applying for a loan, you need to have a plan for repaying it as well. Use a home loan calculator to calculate your EMI and the duration accordingly. Loan calculators will help you set a budget, and you may have to arrange the rest of the amount by yourself. The wise thing to do is to use most of your savings, especially when you are convinced that this is a big investment and also an important one. The less money you borrow, the lesser you have to pay back.

Credit score

Along with the report, you can also get a credit rating. It typically helps you to understand your credit report better. Simply put, a high credit score indicates you have paid off bills or loans in the past and will be able to do so with the new loan as well. This makes it easier for you to get a loan and may also help to lower the interest rate.

Choose right lender

You could get a loan from the local bank, or a financial institution. An important step of getting a loan is to determine from whom you want to get the loan. Do some homework and understand the interest rates, tax benefits and repaying process for each of these. Pick one that suits you best and with a lower interest rate. Some loans may have fluctuating interest rates that change as per the changing market. Once you are convinced, you could begin the process of applying for the loan.

Being aware of your options and policies is important while applying for a loan. Consider these points before applying for loan and your dream home is not far away.

Tips for When Calling a Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerator is the virtual backbone of any kitchen. It helps you store your food and keeps your tubs of ice cream delicious as well! Now, when that breaks down, is it not a shame? And inconvenient, as well. You cannot really control when your refrigerator should break down and when not. What you can control, however, is whom to call to fix your refrigerator. A bad technician can actually end up harming your refrigerator even more and worsen the damaged parts. It is thus extremely important that you call a technician who is highly skilled, trained and well-established.

Before calling a refrigerator repair service, make sure you go through the tips given below:

  1. Find a service centre near your home

Say you live in Greater Toronto area, it would then not make sense if you call for somebody from very far off. Use Google to its best and find a list of service centres in and around your area, in this case, Greater Toronto, and then go on shortlisting a few from them.

A technician that is located nearby can come almost immediately and you do not then have to simply wait for weeks to get your refrigerator repaired. Also, if your refrigerator just requires a single part to be changed, then you do not have to wait for the shipping process to be completed if your service centre is located in your part of the city.


  1. Check if the service provider has a good reputation

With increasing number of people entering the servicing domain, the number of fraudsters and scamsters is also increasing. Such companies install faulty parts which further worsen the condition of your refrigerator, so that you have to call them again and spend more money.

Avoid getting caught in this vicious cycle and look for a refrigerator servicing company which has a nice reputation and is known for its good work. One point of reference for this can be the Better Business Bureau website.

  1. Have the technician explain what is wrong with your refrigerator

It is certain that you will not understand what is exactly wrong with your refrigerator in all of its technical problems but what you can understand is the larger issue concerning your device. Make sure that the technician explains the problem in its detail to you. This implies that the technician understands the problem with your refrigerator well and also, he has nothing to hide. Many a times technicians do not tell the clients the main issue and instead, do just a few minor changes and charge for a lot they have not even done.

Toronto Appliance Repair is a home appliances repair and servicing company that serves in and around Greater Toronto area. It is a highly reputed company with skilled staff. Compensation of workers and their liability are insured, so their certified technicians will provide high quality work to the customers.

Choosing New Entrance Doors: Shopping Tips

If you decided to renovate your home with the help of a new entrance door then you are on the right way. This article will offer you several tips on choosing and buying new doors for your home.

Going Online
Regardless of the way you decide to buy and install new entry doors it is always beneficial to know your options. Today the easiest way to perform research is to go online and check what manufacturers offer. Moreover, you can also understand differences between different materials, styles, and types of doors before you begin choosing your new units.
Energy Efficiency
Make sure that you make your new doors energy efficient. The main point in doing so is to consider energy efficient material, such as steel or fiberglass. The easiest way to find reliable energy saving units is to check their Energy Star rating and choose those which have the highest rating. At the same time you need to take very good care of the insulation around the entry doors because these are the most common places for energy losses.
Even if you buy the greatest entry doors in the market, with the highest energy efficiency level, and best materials, everything can be destroyed by the wrong installation of the units. This is why Ottawa windows and doors experts insist on the importance of hiring professional installers who will o the job correctly and also give you guarantees on their work.
Keep Everybody Safe
One more very essential part of the entry doors is the lock. Only this simple and at the same time sophisticated mechanism can either protect your home and family from intruders or let everybody in regardless of your will. So when choosing the entry doors always make sure that you check reliability and quality of the locks before you buy them. Furthermore, you need to also make sure that doors’ hinges are also reliable because many burglars simply knock the doors out to get into the house by this pulling the hinges out.
Features of New Entry Door
Today the market in Ottawa and most famous doors and windows companies offer a great variety of options to choose from. Some include only panel-based units while others are made of only glass. The more interesting and complicated design you choose, the more you will have to pay for the doors.
Adjustable Threshold
This feature helps homeowners keep their entry doors weather-tight over time. In case of the absence of this feature you will have to eventually add a new sweep out the existing seal and drafts.
Glass always looks great and gorgeous, but according to doors and windows companies in Ottawa it is important to understand that every glass tile adds a lot of money to your project.
Rails and Stiles
Rails and stiles are vertical or horizontal parts that brace a wood door. Professionals advise to consider purchasing laminated wood covered with veneer because it provides the greatest resistance to any warping.
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How to Research and Find Good Movers

If you decided to move, then one of the first things you need to do is find a moving company that will help you with the relocation. There are lots of companies in this field, but only some of them are considered to be trustworthy and reliable. How can you get one of them without spending a fortune? Read some simple tips below from professional in Langley.

1. Research

Before you get in contact with any moving company, experts from movers in Langley advise to make your online research. Go to the different websites of companies and check there basic information about the business. Make sure to verify license and certification, contact information (including physical address and phone number), list of their services, history of their services, and roughly the cost. This is the best way to create some background for further actions.

2. Get References and Recommendations

Ask people you know about their experiences with different movers in Langley. Owing to their personal opinion and tips you will be able to get more names of reliable companies and at the same time cross out those who perform their duties improperly.

3. Know Who Not to Hire

After the information you receive from friends you already will cross some names out. But then you need to pay attention to some of the most obvious scammers and unreliable crews in the industry. Several most obvious signs of bad movers are listed below.
 The moving company refuses to perform in-home estimate.
 You have to pay large deposit in cash prior to the relocation.
 You do not get a copy of your rights and responsibilities with all the regulations.
 You cannot find physical address and license number of a company.
 On the moving day arrives a truck under a different name.

4. Find Out if the Movers are Reliable

In order to check whether your moving company from Regina is reliable you need to contact the Better Business Bureau. When contacting the Bureau you need to find out whether any of the movers on your list have ever generated any reports. As a rule, you will be able to learn about any grievances filed and if they were resolved successfully. It is a very rare situation that some moving company has absolutely no unhappy customers; the mind idea about this check is to understand that regardless of the mistakes done, the company has satisfied the customer in the end. When you get the report from any Regina moving company make sure to read it very carefully and find out how any issues on that report were resolved.
And the final tip from all experts in the moving business is to trust your inner voice. When hiring movers you need to trust them, because otherwise no mutual understanding and successful cooperation is possible. You need to feel confidence about the services you require and order. Should any minor concerns occur, do not be embarrassed or afraid to stop any cooperation and look for a better crew.

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7 Things to Know Before Hiring Movers

When you face any changes in your life you feel excited and overwhelmed because of the new things to learn. The same feeling you are likely to have when deciding to move anywhere. The process of relocation can be easily simplified if you hire a team of professionals to support you at any moment of the entire process. But the following question that arises is how one can hire reliable movers in Edmonton and not get scammed. To help you figure out the answer to this question we prepared seven tips.

  1. Know What Type of Mover You Need

First things first, so before you start calling or checking any movers in Edmonton make sure that you know what type of move you are planning. There are local, interstate, international moving companies and each of them is dealing with specific moves. So first of all think of your departure and destination points to calculate the distance and understand what type of movers you need to hire.

  1. Do the Research

After you made up your mind about the type of movers to look for it is the time to actually do your research. Talk to the people you know, go online, and check local newspapers for some contacts. It is highly advised to get up to 10 names on the list and no less than three for further considerations.

  1. Ask Questions

After you found some companies, make short (maybe even via the phone) interviews. Ask several questions that interest you (for instance, about the cost and services included, license and physical address). After asking question and evaluating their customer service in general you will be able to downsize your list to 5 to 3 movers.

  1. Understand the Estimates

Estimates can actually be pretty confusing to understand. So when you talk to the movers’ representatives ask about the estimates and explanation of their types to understand what you are paying and not paying money for.

  1. Understand the Fees

Another thing connected to money issues is movers’ fees. They can also be tricky and frequently hidden. So according to movers in Edmonton before signing any papers you need to make sure that you understand every single word in the documents. In case something is unclear do not feel embarrassed to ask questions again. At this point you will also see customer support of a company and will have time to back up in case something goes wrong.

  1. Check Mover’s Complaints

Every company has some complaints, regardless of its service and customer support efforts, simply because some people can never be satisfied. But according to you still need to have a look at a company’s register to make sure that the problems were solved with any customer and that the company has more good than bad recommendations and reviews.

  1. FAQ’s

Read FAQ of movers before you get to torturing them with the questions you could avoided. Not only you will know about the mover more, you will also get better attitude from the movers’ managers.

Some Commonly Faced Problems Related To Restrooms

Restrooms are the most important section of any house hold. Therefore, the plumbing related aspects to toilets are all the more important. It is best to get the section checked regularly for better handling of matters. Do not wake up when disaster strikes. For more detailed information you may visit

Observe the Sound

Dripping sound can be very irritating, especially when it sounds louder in the nights. At the very same time, it could also give rise to major problems. The problem with these leaks is sometimes they also go undetected. If it is a minor one, then you could probably fix it yourself, but it is always best to seek help from a professional plumber. He will not only do the mending job, but also check if it has caused more damage.

The reason why you must get the problem fixed is because the water or moisture may harm your sub floor. Do not dig the well when the house is already on fire! Check for proper course of action and do things properly.

Does it run constantly?

There may be times when you feel as if the toilet is constantly flushing. The root cause of the problem could be plenty. Some are mentioned below:-

  • The valve is faulty
  • The tank is leaking

There are times when we do not realize it, but in situations like these, you may end up wasting plenty of water. It just takes a couple of hours to waste gallons of water. Why let such a thing happen when it can be handled professionally.

You may have the septic system fixed at your place, but make sure that it is checked properly, as what seems to be mild right now can be something that is majorly disastrous.


A problem related to ‘flush’ usually means that the toilet is old. It is the traditional one and has not been replaced for decades. The problem is simple to be handled – replace the toilet with a new one.

Otherwise the aspects related to ‘flush’ that needs to be checked are:-

  • Check the handle and the parts connecting each other of the entire system
  • Is the handle lose – just tighten up the screw
  • Is there anything broken

Why a professional is needed?

The reasons why you must seek professional help are:-

  • You cannot reach and mend clogs that are deep inside
  • At times, sensors are used to check the pipes, but you may not have the equipment
  • Removing a clogged pipe and replacing it with a new one is a sensitive task- do not try DIY
  • Professionals are trained and have necessary knowledge to do these things
  • They are equipped and work as team if they have to
  • Although you are spending money today, it takes care of the problems that might arise in future thus giving you peace of mind.

It is best to seek help from someone who has knowledge to do the job.

10 Perfect places to live in Bangalore

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is emerging as one of the most desired places to live in the country. Its pleasant weather, the various IT Parks,its variety of entertainment and leisure options as well as availability of good educational institutions make it a great lifestyle option.



Malleshwaram is one of the oldest localities in Bangalore and has a rich history. The locality has quiet roads, temples, educational institutions and famous eateries offering delicious local fare. The locality boasts very friendly residents and also has many clubs and associations. All this makes it a very good place to have a home of your own.



Have your own propertyin Hebbal if you want to get away from the frenzy of Bangalore. Hebbal is on the outskirts of Bangalore, however, it has great connectivity to all parts of the city. It has a maze of flyovers which connect to Outer Ring Road and Bellary Road. Hebbal has good infrastructure which has seen an increase in property values and demand.


Indira Nagar


Located at the heart of Bangalore, Indira Nagar is a foodie’s paradise. It is also becoming one of the city’s biggest commercial centres as well as hosting several major retail outlets. The locality is also well known for its range of entertainment options and great connectivity. All these make Indira Nagar a desirable residential localities.



Marathahalli’s proximity to Electronic City, Whitefield and other IT offices by the Outer Ring Road makes this a much desired residential address for employees in various IT companies.



Many upscale apartments and sprawling independent houses in Koramangala. The locality is also famous for its entertainment and leisure establishments like the Forum Mall, the Oasis Mall and multitudes of eateries, restaurants and shopping complexes. It has good connectivity and decent infrastructure development making it a desirable residential address in the city. Koramangala is also emerging as a desirable office location as well.



Banashankari has good connectivity to other localities in Bangalore. It is one of the largest residential localities in the city and has several educational institutions, shopping complexes and parks. Many old temples are also located here. The locality gets its name from the BanashankariAmma templeon Kanakpura Road.



Jayanagar is a planned residential locality in Bangalore and has wide tree lined avenues, several parks, shopping complexes, entertainment and leisure options, temples, and great connectivity to other parts of the city. It is also close to several commercial areas in Bangalore. These factors make it a very desirable place to own a home inJayanagar.



Basavanagudi is one of the city’s oldest localities and therefore, home to historical temples, avenues lined with large trees, and old independent homes. Gandhi Bazaar and DVG road are nearby as is the Indian Institute of World Culture library. The Bugle Rock is a massive rock said to be about 3,000 million years old. The bugle rock garden is a beautiful place known as “walker’s paradise”. Bull Temple, Dodda Ganesh Temple, and the 300 year old Venkataramanswamy Temple are located here. It has several educational institutions as well as entertainment and leisure options. It is a great locality to have your own home.



Ulsoor is a great locality to have your own home and set down roots. It boasts several old temples, ancient architecture as well as the very famous Ulsoor Lake. Easy connectivity to other parts of the city, severaleducational institutions, and reasonable real estate prices make Ulsoor a desirable place to live.


Whitefield is home to several software companies, residential apartments and entertainment and leisure options. Most people looking for homes here are IT professionals. While real estate rates are very high, the standard of living is proportionately high and makes Whitefield a desired address.


Bangalore welcomes all with open arms. The warmth of the people here makes the city very welcoming of people from across the country.RoofandFloor salutes the spirit of this forward looking city!

What You Need to Consider Before Flooring Your Home

There may be several reasons why you are considering new flooring. Your old floor has taken the brunt of the passage of time or you are simply looking to spruce up your home. Whatever the reason behind the renovations, there are a lot of options to choose from. This can often make it quite difficult to choose between the different types of materials that you can use for flooring. Here are some things that you should consider before you make a decision:


There needs to be a little bit of maths done before you make any further decisions. You need to measure the length and the width of each room in the house. This is to determine how much material you are going to need to floor the whole house. This will also help you to compare the prices of the different type of supplies.

A hardwood floor in Guelph and even in other regions can cost a little more than other choices. These floors, however, make up for it by being very aesthetically pleasing. You need to first determine how much you are willing to spend before you go shopping. This will make your options a lot easier to identify.


You also need to determine the amount of stress that your floors need to withstand on a daily basis. Do you have a lot of people (and children and pets) coming in and out of your house? Or are there very few people who traipse through your home? This is an important factor to consider as it will determine how durable your flooring needs to be. Floors that are laminate, Peterborough sourced ones in particular, are a lot hardier.

This means that they can withstand a great deal of stomping around and will be less likely to get damaged. Materials that are easily scratched or broken are not very good for households that experience a great deal of traffic, day in and day out.


Floors are not only used to make the ground look more appealing. They can also affect how the rest of the room looks as well. This is why you must consider how much light is available in each of the rooms. If the rooms in your homes are quite small or if there is not much natural light coming in, it is better to pick a floor that is lighter in colour. This will give them impression of more space as well as more light. If the rooms are quite large and you would like a more dramatic effect, you should darker floors.


What many people often forget to consider is the methods that must be used to clean different types of floors. If you have a lot of time to spend on housework, you can invest in floors that require specific ways of cleaning. If you are short on time on are not the greatest at keeping up with your chores, it also better to choose a more durable flooring.

It is important to consider the above factors to ensure that you are choosing the right floor. After all, you need your flooring to last you a considerable amount of time.

Keeping The Outdoors Maintained

Working on the grounds of any business means several things. If it’s a small business, then the job might be as simple as keeping the trash picked up while a large business might require that you mow the lawn and manicure the bushes. There are a few pieces of grounds maintenance equipment that are used to help make any job easier, such as a lawn mower, weed eater, shovels and hoses.

 Most of the work that is done by the groundskeeper involves working with the lawn. Mowing can be done with a ride-on machine or one that you push. An easy way to mow a large area is with a zero-turn machine as it’s easy to maneuver around corners, and it doesn’t require as much effort to operate as standard mowers.Weed-eater and edgers are used to keep sidewalks aesthetically pleasing to workers and guests. Many groundskeepers will spread grass seeds before spring arrives or plant flowers in beds. Some will keep bird baths clean or maintain water fountains that are outside. Leaves are raked in the fall, and fertilizer might need to be spread in the spring so that the grass stays green.

One of the things that a groundskeeper might be able to do is contact a landscaping company to help with some of the detailed work that is involved. This will speed up the process of mowing and planting if there is a large area to maintain. Pools will need to be cleaned as well as any kind of pond that is on the premises. Patio furniture will also be cleaned and repaired as needed. If there is anything that needs to be replaced, then the groundskeeper can usually make the decision as to the new design that is purchased, but most of the time, the business will send the grounds keeper to get what is requested by the owner. The groundskeeper will monitor the lighting outside to ensure that all of the bulbs function as they should and that there are no areas that need new lighting. Routine maintenance of sheds and other structures, such as painting, are also among the responsibilities.