Infor – The Company Built by Charles Phillips that Is Changing the World

Infor is a fascinating company that has Charles Phillips at its helm as CEO. Under his direction, the company has been able to create beautiful business applications with scientific insights and last mile functionality. Infor specifically targets certain industries and they deliver their program as a cloud service. In all of this, it can clearly be seen that Phillips has directed it. Phillips was the previous President of Oracle and also sits on the White House’s President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. He is also a well-known philanthropist, having started Phillips Charity Organizations with his wife Karen. Together, they support single parents, army veterans, and those interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields.

Phillips is also inspired by minority communities and aims to raise their plights to the world, building on their talent and ensuring that they have the same opportunities as others. Take Mary Trick. In her role as CCO, Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, relies on her being mistress of every situation. Very few women in the world have been able to attain such positions of leadership in the world of business. But for Phillips, who is equally inspired by his own wife, gender is irrelevant. Skill and determination, as well as the right ethical attitude, are all that matters.

A Unique Program

Infor prides itself on being ‘built by industry’. This means that they understand that each individual company has individual needs, challenges, and demands. What sets the Infor packages apart, therefore, is that they don’t need to be customized. Rather, they deliver functionality and support processes that are specific to the industry in which they use. Infor aims to support small businesses and enterprises, vertical micro-industries, as much as possible, and these systems fit with that perfectly.

Open Standards All the Way

Charles Phillips also believes strongly in recognizing talent. This means that he has added open standards to the systems wherever possible. Their program can run on all types of browsers and devices. ION, the company’s next generation middleware, has a HTML5 leverage, and this means that all information can be accessed securely, as well as being deployed flexibly. In so doing, businesses can manage themselves on site, on the cloud, or both. In a world of where remote working becomes increasingly popular, this is a true necessity.

Beauty Matters as Well

Lastly, under the direction of Charles Phillips, Infor has come up with something that works perfectly, and is beautiful at the same time. The user experience has been designed to be elegant, responsive, and fully intuitive. This means that Infor applications are empowered to work in the same way as their users. All confusing elements and complex screens have been completely removed from the system, leaving in its place something that everybody can use in a way that is relevant to them, while looking gorgeous at the same time. Essentially, it has been designed to be a pleasure to work with, both visually and functionally.

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