Flat roof windows and skylights – Tips to consider before installing them

Are you someone who is looking forward to brighten up your home? If answered yes, skylights could offer you with the best solution. Apart from bringing in natural light to your home, skylights can help you decrease your reliability on artificial lights thereby allowing you to save money and reduce the carbon imprint. Irrespective of whether you’re looking forward to brighten up your living room, hallway, kitchen or loft conversions, you got to choose the best skylights for your needs. Both flat roof windows and skylights need to be bought after making a number of considerations so that you don’t end up with the wrong one that costs you huge dollars without offering any positive result. Check out some such considerations.

Size of the skylight

Yes, although you may not consider as the first point but it is true that the physical size of the skylight that you buy will definitely have an effect on the level of illumination and the temperature of the room within which the skylight will be installed. Hence it is only when you choose wisely that you will be able to control the lighting of your room in a better way and also the level of heat that is coming to your room. If you have the notion that bigger skylights are a better choice, you’re grossly mistaken. If you install it in a suitable position, a small skylight will be a better choice.

Type of the skylight

When it comes to skylights, there are 2 types of skylights, fixed skylights and open skylights. As the name suggests, a fixed skylight doesn’t open itself. A vented or an open skylight has a switch through which you can operate the skylight electronically. The skylights which can be opened have an electrically operated chain actuator which is incorporated into the upstand. Wind sensors and rain can even be included as some optional.

On the other hand, if you want to enhance ventilation, open skylights is always a better choice as they allow more air into the room. However, don’t forget to install an insect screen to protect all the unwelcomed insects. Flat roof windows or the horizontal models are suited for low pitched and flat roofs. However, in case you’re installing a skylight in your roof or garden, you can also add practicality and style to your home.

While deciding, make sure you check the glazing options. In case you choose a double or triple glazed skylight, you can meet your energy-efficiency needs in a better way. The opening and fixed models are armed with superior performance and the triple glazing also offer better heat insulation and reduction of noise.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about installing flat roof windows in your home, make sure you consider the above mentioned points. The more perfect your skylight is the better illumination you can make to your house. Cost, insulation is two other factors that also need to be checked before buying a skylight.

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