Changes to the gaming industry – What should gamers look forward to?

If there’s one thing which has been constant in the technological industry, it’s change! Among few places, it has been most evident and prominent in the gaming industry. Both the investors in the gaming industry and the gamers have become acclimatised with the state of flux and advancement in the gaming industry which dates back to the initial game of consoles. Starting from a gaming agency to the game developers, everyone is waiting for the big changes that are going to change the way in which games are perceived by the gamers. If you’re looking forward to know the trends in the gaming industry or rather the changes, here are some that you may consider. Check them out.

  1. Parents will become your gaming advocates: As per a recent survey of UK families, it has been found out that 75% of the parents who were surveyed; themselves played video games with their children. Their children, who are mostly under 10 years of age, take recommendations and advice from their parents. Families are seen to spend more time together in the drawing room and there is a decrease in the number of children with TVs in their rooms. This could imply that there is a rise in the titles which challenge both children and parents alike. Hence, parents will become your gaming advocates this year.
  2. 360 degrees of freedom: According to Nickelodeon’s research, 35% of children under the age of 11 years own a tablet and the other are all ready to get their first smart phones as they’re about to enter secondary school. This is being called the swipe generation which is navigating in between the real and the digital world. They are the ones who expect 360 play which is like a platform which adds something or the other to the experience. Although there’s no rise in the number of lively toys, there is a constant rise in the number of lively video games as supplements.
  3. Lines will get blurred between games and social media: We have gone through plenty of virtual worlds which operate both on social spaces and games. But nowadays there will be an entirely new generation of games which exploit the improvement in broadband connectivity to make dynamic social experiences. Present day consoles have social sharing systems through which gamers can easily take screenshots and then distribute them on the social media. Through Alphabear, you can share amusing and weird sentences on Twitter, which is a perfect word-of-mouth marketing feature.
  4. The new experience of spectators: This is the era of Twitch, it is getting increasingly vital for the game developers to check how their games will be played and perceived. Over the next few months, we will probably see more developers trying hard to exploit and specifically aiming their games towards the YouTubers.

Therefore, if you’re a gamer who is eager to know about the gaming industry, you should take into account the above mentioned changes that are yet to come and hit the market.

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