This Indian App is Taking Its Global Counterparts Head On

Financial markets, until a while ago, were dominated by the global players. Right from the advent of India’s 24*7 channel to Moneycontrol website, they lead the way. Even the segment of mobile apps was expected to follow the suit, but then due to a handy experience of Indian players in the field and their ability to make most out of feedback of Indian Users, Indian companies are leading the way in the stock market arena. One such app is IIFL Markets, an App from India Infoline – one of the foremost brokerage houses in India.


How IIFL is doing it
The biggest advantage that IIFL app has got over its global peers is the ability let users trade. Since Moneycontrol doesn’t have its own trading sphere, it doesn’t have the option to let users trade. Moreover, it is keeping things simple, for instance, it has intelligent watchlists, in-depth research reports etc.

Content: Indian Vs Global Players
Indian players are chipping in with a lot of good content, for they know what means the most to Indian customers. That’s one sphere just mere automation, or putting up content simply does not work. Indian companies are putting up considerable resources to make sure that users get good content. It is very different from global players who end up stuffing up a lot of content.

Size: Balancing The tradeoff
One important thing for app developers is to decide on the size of the application. Unlike IIFL Markets and other Indian apps, the global players try to make it too small, thereby taking off one or more important feature, and since Indian users like a hands-on experience to all possible tools at one go, they avoid using alternatives in such cases. Size and features are inversely proportional to each other and so far, Indian apps have been managing it quite well.

There are some features that are difficult to incorporate in a hybrid app and IIFL manages to pull it off really very well. Therefore, any person connecting to stock markets or someone who just wants to be aware of the stock markets benefits from the use of the app.

Indian apps are not only created for hardcore investors, but also for a layman who would want to use the app to add to their financial IQ. Global apps started off well, but then things condensed when they didn’t incorporate a few features that users desperately wanted them to add. And that’s why the download numbers of Indian apps like IIFL Markets are much higher than that of their global counterparts like Moneycontrol.

Stock markets are complex, and making an app, especially for Indian users is a very tough task. It doesn’t need just technology, but understanding the psyche of investor, that’s why Indian apps are so handy compared to their global peers. Indian apps are getting far better feedback compared to their global peers with over 80% people recommending apps like IIFL Markets.


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