Blogging in details by Sujoy Dhar The Real Blogger

Sujoy Dhar one of the best blogger from Kolkata in India who have made his blogging life extremely outstanding . So we have invited Sujoy Dhar for helping us understanding Blogging in our Website . So we are carrying out some of our question and followed by the answers of him . We have found that Sujoy Dhar also build up some seo tools for the bloggers that are amazing .

Blogging is an extremely Innovative move to make. It is different and awesome point making you are feeling better totally in blogging field . Many people perform this as an Enthusiasm and many more do Blogging to Generate Income using their sites. Let us go In Information, Blogging is usually a Term Produced from phrase “Blog“.

Exactly what is a Blog?

A Blog can be an abbreviated phrase used for term “Weblog“, That is a word used to spell it out different kind of Websites and Portals which usually talk about info on particular topics or wider groups. It includes Features like BLOGS generally, Video clips, Feedback, Links to additional websites, Icons, etc .

What is Running a blog or Blogging ?

Every single skill you have that are presented in a beautiful and in meaningful manner should work and deal with a Blog page is named running a blog. Blogging includes Abilities Like

  1. SEO
  3. Writing, Posting and editing Posts
  4. Developing and Maintaining the look of your site, etc .

You have to learn every single skill to become a Blogger as if you are a great writer to create large amount of Exclusive and Quality content on your Website . You need to be a great Website Search Engine Optimizer to Optimize your blog page relating to regulations set by Major Search Engines .

You have to be a Social networking Internet marketer and Optimizer to influence your websites or weblogs with social media Power which is quite strong for making you viral over the Internet World. It really is true that you could hire Specialists or self employed for every work but you’ll require lots of money investment for performing that, therefore depend on your self and learn each and every skill to ensure that you could turn into a Good Blogger slowly.

Is usually Investing in a Blog Required ?

When you begin a new company you have to commit some cash, Same case right here that you should make investments cash if you want to begin a Blog to make money from it or to make your blog a pro type, Yet if you would like to start a blog site simply for thrilling enjoyment that you can do it free of charge through the use of WordPress or Blogger as both of the platforms are free to use .

What is CMS?

CMS Means Content Management System . Websites are made of HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript with various other Web Programming scripts like css. Typically managing your code with every single website is required too much time. CMS Allows you to produce, Edit, Distribute, and take care of your almost all website’s webpages in extremely organized, Easy and clean method also faster .

Content Management Systems are themselves composed of different Development languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, Javascript, and so forth There are numerous coding and script Administration systems out presently but I recommend WordPress ( Self Hosted ) Which is mainly utilized CMS in the globe and it is very much easy and useful .

These are the amazing answers by Sujoy Dhar which have cleared our mind and also to our readers regarding blogging and blog . So if you are now planing for blogging then we do suggest you to read again our article questions and answers and go for blogging . Special thanks to Sujoy Dhar for explaining the blogging in details manner . You can also seo audit to your blog for free by using the most popular tool designed by Sujoy Dhar . Sujoy Dhar loves blogging and free to talk with the newbie bloggers so you can connect with him here .

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