Common Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your College Applications

Sometimes it can be way too easy to make a mistake. However, making a mistake on your college application could have lifelong ramifications. That’s why you should go out of your way to ensure that everything on your application is correct. Otherwise, it might get thrown into the circular file along with your future at that school.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid making on your college application.

Not taking the directions seriously

You might be applying to multiple schools, so you might think that you’re totally familiar with the application process.

“I got this,” you say to yourself as you’re filling out the forms and breezing over the instructions.

But you might not have this. Take the time to read the directions and make sure that you fill everything out correctly. If you make assumptions about what kind of information the college is looking for, you could assume incorrectly and the people who review your application might invalidate your submission immediately, regardless of the strength of your essay or SAT scores.

Using a funny email address

Some people might be very impressed with your email address. However, that’s one of those little things that might raise red flags with the application review committee.

Instead of fall into that trap, get yourself a more modest email address for free at You don’t want to lose your future because of an email address that looks unprofessional.

Overlooking the importance of the personal statement

You might think that you really did alter the course of history when you accepted that overseas study opportunity in France. However, the people who review your college application are not likely to see it that way.

In a similar fashion, they probably don’t care that you set the school record for the javelin throw.

Take the personal statement seriously enough to express some thoughts about yourself that will stand out to the review committee. If they see that you’ve put some effort into your story, then that might be enough to put you over edge for an acceptance letter.

Double-Check Your Work

You just finished filling out your college application. Now it’s time to shove it in the extra-large envelope and mail it to the school, right?

Wrong. Now it’s time to review everything you’ve put on the application. Review every answer. Review every word in your personal statement. Ask someone else (whom you trust) to proofread everything for you.

Then, re-read the instructions. That way, you can be certain that you didn’t misinterpret anything that you read previously.

Delaying the Application Until the Last Minute

You aren’t going to score any brownie points with the admissions committee if you send in the application at the very last minute. Although you technically met the deadline, it still reflects poorly on you.

Get that application done and sent in as soon as possible. That shows initiative on your part.

Schools like the University of Maryland are always examining applications carefully before making a “yea” or “nay” decision. Be sure that you do everything you possibly can to get accepted by not making mistakes on your application.

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