Keeping Up With the Jobses

Technology seems to be changing on a semi-daily basis.  Every three weeks there is a new smartphone or video game system on the market.  Televisions are the size of New York City apartments and memory sticks are the size of an infant’s pinky.  Okay, we’ve covered the state of technology to–wait, no, there it goes; it changed again. And the advertising agencies that create the commercials and other ads for the new video games, televisions, stereos and what-have-yous do a damn good job of making us want stuff that we never thought about before.  I haven’t played video games in half a decade, but watching the commercial of the real-life gameplay from the new Star Wars game makes me want to leave the apartment right now with every dollar I have in my hand.adadaFor those of you who haven’t bought electronics in the last decade or so (cellphones, televisions, car stereos, Shake Weights, etc.), here’s how it works: You walk up to the product in the aisle (or virtually on your computer screen), you look at the price tag, faint, wake up and move just down the aisle to an alternative product that you can actually afford.  Once you have settled on a good, you – or some blue-shirted fella – carry the item up to the counter to exchange legal tender in exchange for that product, which almost always hurts at least a little bit.

But it doesn’t have to.

Groupon Coupons, a new service from Groupon, provides thousands of coupons to tens of thousands of stores and service providers totally free of charge, from electronics to fashion to travel, no up-front purchases or memberships required.  Hop online now and you can find coupons for Toys R’ Us, Bose, Office Depot, and thousands of others.  Now, I’m not advising everyone to go out and buy television that they don’t need.  But, if you’re on the fence about a purchase because of a couple of bucks, well Groupon Coupons could be your solution.

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