WOW! Cable Information to Help You Make Better Decisions


Wide Open West Communications, popularly known as WOW! Cable created its packages with the intention of delivering true value for clients. This was done by offering packages which make sense to families with varying needs, unlike the much bigger cable networks for whom customer satisfaction is not at the top of their priority list.

The problem

Above 90% of the current TV network programming is controlled by just six large corporations. The result is an oligopoly where a few companies hold tremendous power to control consumers viewing options, forcing them to subscribe to countless channels at exorbitant prices in order to enjoy the few channels they actually like.

Oftentimes, these network operators and cable providers’ interests are in direct conflict with consumers’ best interests. These companies constantly tweak their cable packages and increase fees meaning that consumers have to dig deeper into their pockets to enjoy the same viewing experience they are accustomed to. Due to the fact that smaller companies like Wow! Depend on them for their programming; it is not uncommon to have blackouts until their demands have been met.

Why Wow

WOW! is an independent cabling company with no conflicts or connections with network/programming providers. They essentially stand between the consumer and network owners to negotiate friendlier prices to keep TV affordable for the former. As a consumer, I am sure you would appreciate having more control over your TV programming, given that it adds up to substantial expenses in your budget over time.

Through its packages, WOW! uses input provided by diverse customers, national ratings and other sources to create an avenue through which consumers can only pay for the TV channels they directly subscribe to. While they have hundreds of networks in their ‘shelf’, no cable company has the capacity to host all the networks available.

WOW! gives you the option of paying only for the channels which appeal to you and your family. The larger networks make this virtually impossible for consumers because, while they own the channels you love, they also own the channels you don’t love, and they need to make money from them as well.

Therefore, these companies design their packages such that you can only access those popular channels by paying for the all the other channels. This translates to more money for them, from their popular and non-popular channels. And there’s little you can do about it as a consumer, because they own most of the industry.

Cable service bills

Typically, every time you pay for cable service you’re paying for two things. First is the cost of service provision – technical facility installation and maintenance, customer support and other normal costs Therefore, you need a company that operates efficiently in order to minimize its overheads and hence minimize the cost passed on consumers through monthly billing.

Second, you pay network owners/programmers for those channels, which accounts for approximately 45% of your entire bill. Producing quality programming is not cheap; hence the high costs are partially justifiable. However, some programmers take advantage of such circumstances to double and even triple fees for certain channels, and threaten to remove them from the lineups unless companies like WOW! comply with their demands.

However, such companies have more bargaining power than consumers on their own in negotiating with such companies, bringing more affordable service to you as a consumer. You can get more WOW Cable information if you’re interested in signing up for it.

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