Festive shopping from the comfort of your home with UrbanHopperz

Festivities are in full swing and I’m sure you already have your shopping list in place. Yes! It’s that time of the year again when you can shop all you want and make the most of holidays!

But it is also the time, when you will end up spending hours in queues trying to get just a few lampshades and string lights billed. So, let’s make it simpler by letting you shop from home. And no, we’re not talking about all those popular ecommerce platforms. You can actually shop for everything you need to deck up your house from your favourite corner shop in the city.

Wondering how?

By using UrbanHopperz!

UrbanHopperz is an on-demand delivery service app in Delhi/NCR that has brought comfort to another level with its local as well as hyperlocal pick and drop service.

How is it helping people with festive shopping? With custom orders!

The app lets you create custom orders – and yes, they can be from anywhere in Delhi/NCR; even that little shop you saw at the end of Chandni Chowk. If you can describe it, their hoppers can deliver it all to your doorstep with a smile.

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So, as the festival of lights is fast approaching, you might want to make sure that all arrangements and things required to make you as well as your house look pretty are WITH you. Because let’s be honest, last minute running around is no fun at all!

Be it clay dolls and lights from Kinaari Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Dariba Kalan, Indra Market or a mela that is going on in the city, just hand over your list of festive requirements to their hoppers. Their promise to deliver it all in 2 hours, makes the shopping experience all the more worthwhile.

What’s more? Apart from the list of sweets, crackers and lights, you can also ask them to pick up that outfit you gave at a boutique in Lajpat Nagar for Diwali! Yes, they don’t list down each and every store in Delhi/NCR, but their services are from anywhere to anywhere in the capital region.

Call it technology serving the new age needs or a vision to offer comfort without any compromise on needs, UrbanHopperz is an app you must try this season!

So get your list together, download the app and get started on comfort shopping this

Diwali! After all, it’s the season of indulgence and celebration.


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