You have to learn everything

Education“Imagine yourself as a human smartphone. What applications must delete outdated mentality and what your systems, skills and attitudes about time you download “Richard Gerver: The Change.

I think a suggestive image that proposed Gerver in the above quote, but has some nuances that I would comment. Imagine teachers and students as smartphones … it is true that can not be handled with the same operating system but must update every so often (increasingly often), as society and technology are transformed at breakneck speed. But unlike gadgets, people have the ability to decide whether or not to upgrade the system, if we change operating system, etc.

It is also true that new programs and applications (app) that enhance the capabilities of smartphones are appearing every day. The ability to decide independently what new app must be downloaded teachers and students should be the main aim of the school. Because a smartphone is the user must give the order to upload or download a program, but teachers and students must do independently to facilitate continuous learning throughout life.

Finally, as well as mobile phones powered by rechargeable batteries, teachers and students need the enthusiasm for energy and, unfortunately, there are no outlets which connect to recharge enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the education community there is a constant (almost) universal: Students must learn everything, or what is the same, teachers must teach everything. And what is worse, everyone should learn and teach the same thing. As if knowledge were an immutable thing, once acquired, would last a lifetime!

The education received in school should serve to channel the critical spirit of people through creative thinking, collaborative work, managing emotions and executive intelligence. The concepts of the different areas or subjects are important, no doubt. But it is not addressing them from rote memorization, that that is short term and forget right after the evaluation, but must be worked from experimentation and applicability, from real, everyday contexts. And that is not available to any smartphone.

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