Lycos wants to monitor your air and water quality, and manage your security on rings and bands

Lycos has an announcement to make in wearables: ring, band, health sensors?Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Remember Lycos? They had a search engine back in the days when Bill Clinton was president. The website’s still alive: it’s a hub of various Web and entertainment news. And now, Lycos aims to be yet another company diving into the wearable ocean.

The Lycos Band and Lycos Ring, $124.99 and $59.99 respectively, have emerged with prices and features. They look like the fitness bands and smart rings I’ve seen before. The Lycos Band looks like a fitness tracker with personal security elements and “Tap2tTransfer” capabilities. The ring only has security and tap-to-transfer features.

But they’re also part of some new “Lycos Life” initiative, where, according to Lycos’ cryptic website, people will be able to use free wireless sensors (not the band and ring, it seems) to monitor water and air quality. A portion of the sales of Lycos’ products (band and ring included, it seems) will support that initiative.

Lycos Life’s website lists Mumbai and Los Angeles on the top: are these the beginning test markets? Is that for Lycos Life, or the band and ring, or both? We’ll find out more after Lycos’ upcoming webcast

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