Motorcyclist gets mad at driver for texting, driver mows him down





How you bring out the very worst in humanity. Our self-righteousness, our sanctimoniousness, our sheer need to be right.

A piece of footage that has now been viewed by many on YouTube shows the full glory of two people using two different modes of transport and expressing themselves two different ways.

Motorcycling site Ride Apart offers that the action happened in LA. Samuel David Ayres was riding his motorbike. He wasn’t happy to see a driver texting. It didn’t help, I imagine, that the driver was in a BMW. Those cars can elicit an irrational lack of sympathy among certain sections of the populace.

 This may not have gone down well with the driver. For, as the footage from Ayres’ GoPro shows, the driver first honked and then appeared to drive his BMW with all the gentle abandon of Ben Hur and his chariot.

Ayres told Ride Apart: “I was fully in the left lane the entire time. When the driver started getting really aggressive with me, I definitely slowed down to give myself extra reaction time (there wasn’t enough traffic to really get away from him right there).”

He said he was concussed “bad enough for me to forget what day, month and year it was and knocking all memory of the past week out of my head.” He also said that he suffered fractures in his shoulder and foot.

Though he said he’s contacted the police, the driver has not been found.

This isn’t the first time that someone on a bike has wondered about the behavior of a driver. Earlier this year, a Scottish cyclist filmed a driver who was using his cell phone and his laptop. Yes, while at the wheel. Oh, and he was also wearing headphones.

Ayres is now trying to raise money for his surgery.

In the end, though, some might wonder whether getting angry at anyone else who populates the road is ever worth it. Swallow hard. In a few seconds, they’ll be gone. And your anger will subside.

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