7 Steps to Upgrade Your Office Space

Your office is the most productive space and where you spend most of the hours every day, except maybe on weekends.

But have you measured your output lately and noticed a significant drop in productivity and motivation?

If you have, perhaps it is high time you upgraded your office space. Redesigning your office can have a profound impact on how you move through your week, employee engagement, or your collaboration with others.

It also directly impacts your overall health, which should be your #1 concern at all times. In the next section, you will see the seven steps you can follow to upgrade your office space.

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1. Opt for Ergonomic Furniture

Today’s business activities have seen an increase in sedentary lifestyles of most office workers. Sitting too long behind a desk can generate several health-related issues you do not want.

Therefore, consider changing your current furniture for more ergonomic options. Get a chair or two that efficiently accommodates different tasks or postures.

Ergonomic chairs reduce back pain, improve energy levels, and boost productivity. And when you use them in combination with standing desks, it can lower your risk of weight gain significantly.

The result is greater engagement, fewer distractions caused by pain or discomfort, and improved output.

2. Update Your Heating and Cooling System

Are your heating and cooling systems not keeping you comfortable or over ten years old? Are you paying much more than you ought to in electricity bills?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may need to replace your heating and cooling system.

The primary aim of updating your heating and cooling system is to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and put safety first.

But what if you do not know which heating and cooling system are best for your office? You do not have to worry. You can consult a professional before deciding to go with either ductless or ducted air conditioning systems.

3. Migrate to Cloud-Based Storage Systems

The old-school way of storing information in filing cabinets and physical hard drives is going out of fashion fast.

Filing cabinets take up lots of space in an office, and a physical hard drive could get infected with a virus which renders it useless.

Migrating to cloud-based storage is the ‘new school’ way of filing, sharing and protecting sensitive data or information.

With cloud-based storage systems such as Google Docs and Dropbox, you can access client data and customer files, share information, and collaborate on projects from anywhere you are around the world.

All you need is a secure internet connection. And there will be no need for those space-eating filing cabinets in your office.

4. Office Lighting

Every office should have an adequate amount of light. Get as much natural light as you can through the windows or even doors.

You can set your desk close to the window where you can easily gaze off into the distance for eye relief. This is therapeutic as it helps boost productivity and wellness.

Straining your eyes in your office due to inadequate lighting is not healthy for you. This can result in the slow deterioration of your eyesight over an extended period.

And lowlight conditions have been known to make employees slightly depressed or even drowsy when they should be at their best.

Aside from letting in natural light, consider adding a perfect lamp to illuminate your immediate surroundings.

5. Shift to the Latest Technologies

This is the digital age, and no office or business should be left in the 19th century. Get your office up to date by investing in the latest technology, including software, smart devices, new presentation tools, and state-of-the-art means of collaboration via technology.

This makes sharing information or data much easier while everyone enjoys the profound business agility, which has considerable impacts on the bottom line.

6. Get a Potted Plant

Green plants help to upgrade offices in no small measure. First, you will get lots of extra and therapeutic oxygen that connects you to nature while livening up your interiors.

And it can be a sight for sore eyes, especially when you come up for a breather after intense work on your computer.

What you need is a plant that is simple to maintain but does not require too much sunlight. Peace Lilies, English Ivy, etc. are some of the popular choices today.

7. Install A Whiteboard

Whiteboards are essential tools that every 21st-century office must have as they are perfect for visualizing thoughts, ideas, infographics, etc.

Installing a whiteboard in your office helps you stay on top of your game when you are in your office.

You will become more organized, tidier, and less bored since you can always stand and draw whatever comes to your mind when taking a short rest.


To give your best at your workplace, you need an office that is well-lit, has proper heating and cooling systems, and helps you stay motivated at all times.

All these will give your office that professional look and ambience for daily increased productivity.