Preventing Accidents and Injuries in an Office Environment

Not all office managers fully recognize the scope of their responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their staff. However, many of the things that you do as a manager can have a big impact on workplace safety and reducing employee injuries. When you take active steps to keep everyone safe and minimize the risk of injury, you’ll safeguard both your employees and your business against risk. Reduced absenteeism, decreased benefits utilization, and improvement in productivity are among the many indirect benefits of creating a safe working environment.

5 Common Office Hazards to Prevent

Ergonomic Equipment

You may think that staying seated for most of the day means that employees can’t be hurt. Nevertheless, office workers are vulnerable to numerous occupational injuries simply being seated. You should provide comfortable chairs rather than old or minimalist office chairs to reduce the risk of injuries such as SI joint misalignment or disc compressions. Look for pre owned office chairs that have adjustable height and good lumbar support. Also, it may be a good idea to provide ergonomic computer equipment to prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Eliminate Trip Hazards

Relocating or adding workstations and equipment to an office isn’t always compatible with the existing electrical planning. As a result, people may have to step over cords when they’re walking around, which can create unnecessary trip hazards. Taping a cord to the floor isn’t an adequate solution. You should get help from an experienced electrician to make your space work for your office’s needs. Likewise, you may need help from a teledata technician to create phone and internet connections in safe and functional locations.

In addition to helping your staff stay well physically, investing your resources in making a safer working environment will help reinforce a positive company culture. Employees value working for an employer that cares about their wellbeing and appreciates that health and safety are a priority.