Main Uses of Hopper Bottom Trailers

There are many different industries that utilize hopper bottom trailers. For instance, they are commonly found in the grain and harvesting industry, soil and rock industry, agricultural industry and more. Read on to learn more about hopper bottom jobs and the way these trailers are used.

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Land Reclamation and Sand Delivery

When it comes to land reclamation, one of the biggest resources used is that of sand. Since most land reclamation is done near water, you can use a bottom hopper trailer to haul in the sand and open the hopper while you are driving to the location or drop it all once you’ve found a pit that needs filling.

Delivering Fertilizer

Hopper bottom trailers are great for fertilizer transportation because you can easily pour the fertilizer into the top and then when you get to the location you need the fertilizer delivered you can open the hoppers at any time. If there is a large area that needs fertilizer, you can either dump it all in one place or attach a grate or container below the truck where it can be dispensed.

Grain Transportation

Most hopper bottom trailers have either one or two hoppers underneath. If you have grain that needs to be moved, you can fill the trailer to the top, and then the delivery can be made through the hoppers. Typically the trailer will have a cover and the grain can be emptied out using a spigot. Most grains will fall through the hopper fairly easily, and it’s easy to close the hopper at a moment’s notice if you have multiple deliveries to make with the same shipment.

Soil and Dirt

Like the other options mentioned above, dirt and soil are easily transported and dispensed over a large area or dumped into a single spot to help fill a hole depending on what you need.