How to Hire a Great Delivery Driver

Do you own a company that delivers your product to customers or do you deliver goods for other companies? If you want to thrive as a courier business and you’re in need of a new driver for one of your trucks or vans, it’s important to hire the right person. Here are a few tips for how to make sure you find the best driver.

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Check Their Driving Record

While it might seem like common sense to conduct a standard criminal background check on any applicant for a new job, hiring a driver is a bit more complex. Instead of just checking on their criminal history, it’s important that you also check their pre-employment driving record. Not only do you need to make sure they don’t have a history of reckless driving, but also that they don’t often get parking tickets. You want to hire a responsible driver!

Perform a Driving Test

Although it’s always possible to train your new driver, it’s not a bad idea to take a test ride with them before you decide they’re right for the job. A driving record check will show you if they’ve ever been caught for a wrongdoing, but it won’t show you if they’re actually a good driver. You want your goods to be safe, so you need to ensure they’ll handle turns reasonably and that they come to cautious stops instead of speeding up to a red light and slamming on the brakes. Always perform a test drive, either with you or a trusted employee, to see if you like the feel of their driving. This will truly help you feel more confident about their abilities on the road.

For every company that delivers products, it’s important that the product arrives safely. To best hire responsible drivers, conduct a driving record check and take a test drive with any applicants you’re considering.