Three Smart Ways to Try RV Travel

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is becoming a popular vacation option, and many people are even giving up their traditional house in favor of living in an RV full time. Are you ready to see what all the fuss is about? Let’s go!

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Rent an RV

If this is your first time experimenting with this mode of transport you should not spend thousands of dollars on your own rig. Good news: you don’t have to. There are multiple regional and nationwide RV rental companies, and if you are not close to one of them a peer selling site may connect you to RV owners willing to rent by the night or a week at a time. Carry a written copy of the rental agreement with you; if you do rent from a private party consult your insurance agent before you leave to make sure you’re covered in case of an accident.

Visit Various Locations

On a longer road trip you can visit several locations; make the most of the flexibility to see what you prefer. Campgrounds run the gamut from no-frills bargain spots like those in and around national parks to pricier full-service poolside sites at luxury resorts. Most people discover they prefer something in between like this kemah camping location. There you can enjoy quiet nights in the small town of Kemah, Texas and spend the days strolling along the beaches of nearby Galveston or enjoying bustling city culture in Houston.

Attempt To Work

If you like staying in an RV for a few weeks you may love staying in one for a few years. If you suspect the full-time RV lifestyle is for you try working from the motorhome for a week or two. Remote employees, those with flexible schedules, and anyone with a virtual workplace may be able to continue their current job as long as they camp in a location with reliable internet and phone service. Entrepreneurs and contractors can take their hairstyling expertise, repair services or consulting businesses on the road.