4 of the Strangest Aircraft Designs

Technology has progressed at an increasingly rapid rate, and its influence has spread to every industry. From commercial planes to military fighter jets, airplanes have been adapted again and again to reflect advancing tech, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some interesting designs along the way. Here’s some of the wackiest planes ever put to the skies and the inspiration behind them.

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Lockheed Martin P-791

This odd feat of engineering looks something like several blimps that have been smashed together into a single mutation of an airplane and airship. The intent of this combination was high speed with extended periods of lift.

Edgley Optica

This aircraft was made specifically as a possible alternative to helicopters. Its capability to fly at slow speeds and the large, bulbous glass cabin make it excellent for observation work. The odd conjoined tailplane is one of the many complex parts available to aircraft designers, produced from companies like aerospace engineering producers to military fasteners distributors.

B377PG Super Guppy

Also dubbed the Pregnant Guppy, the multiple variations of this aircraft all result in a similar round, large-diameter fuselage. Remaining wide through most of the body and narrowing somewhat only near the tail, this plane was meant to carry oddly shaped parts and pieces that simply couldn’t fit in any other plane for transport.

McDonnell XF-85 Goblin

Also known as a “parasite fighter,” this aircraft looks like the stunted front end of a plane with fold-up wings. The peculiar sizing and design were made so that the plane could fit into the belly of a bomber with the intention of being deployed midair to defend the bomber against enemy attacks. Inspired during World War II, this plane never took off because of inferior flight maneuvering.

The needs of humans, whether it’s during wartimes or just for commercial business, have led to some fascinating aircraft designs. With ever evolving technology, these designs are likely to keep up with the trend and develop into some even stranger and more impressive enterprises in the future.