On-the-Road Essentials

Now that the weather is improving and the days are lasting longer, your chopper needs a good long spin. It might be a while since your last ride, but don’t forget the essentials before heading out. Watch out world, you’re hitting the road!

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Riding a motorcycle is fun, but also can be very dangerous. It’s important to protect yourself from hazards on the road and from other drivers by wearing the right safety gear.

  • Chaps act as padding for your legs while you fly down the road on two wheels. Men’s and ladies motorcycle chaps are both important for protection, and let’s face it: they look so cool.
  • Helmets were created to protect your brain from damage. Use them for their intended purpose and guard yourself against the most dangerous of accidents.
  • Your hands do half the work while you operate a motorcycle. Protect them from chapping and chafing by investing in a good, sturdy pair of gloves.


Give your bike an impressive James Dean kick and roar it to life! If it gurgles more than roars and looks a little sad, it’s time to do some maintenance on it that you may have been neglecting.

  • Give it an oil change, or take it to be serviced. Fill up the gas tank on the way back.
  • Check on your tires and decide if they need to be reinflated or even replaced altogether. Your wheels must be safe to protect you properly!
  • Wash it down. Dust and grime are easy to collect on a motorcycle, so hose your girl down and make her shine again.

Owning a motorcycle is fun, but remembering to be safe before taking it for a ride is vital. Not everyone is a careful driver, so rely on your own preparedness ahead of time so you don’t learn this the hard way.