Why it’s Important to Test Your Fire Hydrants

Where you live and work, you’ll spot numerous fire hydrants. Hopefully, you’ve got at least one on your property. You may not think much about them on a daily basis, but these fire hydrants are critical to your safety and well-being in the event of a fire. When was the last time you tested yours? Did you even know there were tools available to do this? These tests can give you peace of mind and assurance in case disaster strikes.

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Firefighters Rely on Them

You may not understand how firefighters access water to put out fires in structures or on land. Suffice it to say, crews don’t have an unlimited supply on a truck. Instead, they tap into a water source from hydrants located on the street adjacent to properties. The hydrants help produce high-pressure water that is critical in dousing intense fires.

They May Need Repairs and Maintenance

Like anything else, fire hydrants succumb to the ravages of time and don’t perform at peak efficiency forever. If you neglect fire hydrant testing and put off this attention too long, the hydrant may not be effective when fire crews need to access it during a fire in your building. It’s wise to test the water flow annually to ensure the hydrant is ready to go when called upon.

Flow Can Vary

The underground city water source will feed the hydrant with critical water. There is no guarantee this flow is always at the proper level or at a level firefighters need to properly attack a fire in your office. High-quality hydrant pressure tests will assess this pressure and identify any problems that crews will need to address.

Don’t take any chances and assume the fire hydrants on your property are in prime condition. Some hydrants may not yield any water at all, so it’s essential that you buy testing equipment to ensure fire crews have sufficient water to do their job.