5 must have women’s bottoms

One of the main time-consuming activities when buying clothes to wear on the top side of the body is to find suitable and matching bottoms. Online kurta shopping is a perfect example in this case. In the case of the kurta, you pretty much see what you see and get (in most cases) the same thing. This is not always true with a perfectly matching bottom. Of course, there are the ubiquitous ladies jeans pant that can be teamed up with almost everything. While this is a good practical solution, it might not always be the best fashion choice. So, here’s to putting together a list of bottoms that are suitable for most tops and can go with all kinds of clothes.

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Leggings are comfortable bottoms that are a pleasure to wear in the sense of usability and movement. They are made of a material that is part cotton and part spandex or lycra, a combination that is great for stretching, mobility, and versatility. On any given day, leggings are the topmost in my list of ‘must have’ bottoms. As a thumb rule leggings in the colors of white, blue, red, pink and black are good to have in the wardrobe as they go with most combinations of clothes.


Capris also make for a good teaming with many kinds of kurtas. They are available in cotton, denim and a material that is used to make jeggings. They are available in multiple colors, patterns, and prints too. Capris go well with short kurtas or tunics. In rare cases, some of them can be paired up with long kurtis too.


Palazzo pants are the new age ladies jean pants in the aspect of the versatility of use. They can go with several kinds of tops. They pair up perfectly with kurtis and kurtas. They make for an elegant and graceful look. They also score high on the roominess of the bottom. A cotton kurta paired up with a palazzo is the perfect combination for tropical conditions.


Patialas are the essence of comfort and class. They have been around since a long time. Originally a part of the attire for women from Patiala city from the Northern parts of Punjab, this particular style of a bottom is common in the garments of women from Northern states. The Patiala bottom is stitched with pleats and is roomy when spread out. It’s a good idea to buy combo Patiala pants in multiple colors along with your online kurta shopping.

Ladies jeans pants

Jeans pants have been a part of the fashion scene forever. Same goes with the case of stocking bottoms for women. This list is never complete without a jeans pant in it. There are several variations to the jeans pant these days. In the earlier days, jeans pant was only in the shades of the color blue. Today, they are available in multiple hues and shades. It is always a good idea to pick a couple of shades in ladies jeans pants to pair up with tops during winters.