Facts About Industrial Blenders

When the term industrial mixer is mentioned, the average person will think of large mixers or blenders that are used in a food service or restaurant. This is because this is what they have most likely encountered throughout most of their lives. While they are not far off base, the mixers which are used in the setting of an industrial setting are far bigger and more powerful than those of their food service cousins. Here are some facts about an industrial mixer so that you can become more acquainted with them and know what they are upon sight.

Large industrial blender

For instance, a dual-shaft blender consists of two tubs which are located side by side. Each tub features a shaft within it. To power these shafts, there will be either a single cross-over motor or two separate motors. This will be dependent entirely on the model and make of the mixer which is purchased and used.

Depending on the type of mixing which is required, the shafts can be easily adjusted. In addition to this, there are also a multitude of an array of blade styles which can be used to ensure the proper mix is attained. An industrial mixer can be either food-grade, such as those which are used in factories which manufacture various foodstuffs or they may also be chemical-grade. These mixers are used when pharmaceuticals must be mixed. These are all very industry specific so the buyer needs to be sure which one they are purchasing before the sale is complete.

No matter what industry the mixer is being used in, there are some features which will come standard across the board. This will include a sanitary feature which helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Stainless steel is most often used so that cleanup is much easier and it also provides a more durable construction.