5 Useful Tips for Buying a Sandwich Toaster

 Breakfast, being the first and most important meal of the day, needs to be really healthy and filling. At the same time, it should be something that is easy to prepare so that you can handle the busy mornings with ease.  Sandwiches with healthy fillings like vegetables, scrambled egg with cheese or paneer are some of the healthy breakfast options that are also easy to make.



Adding a sandwich toaster to your cooking appliance range is no more a choice. If you haven’t yet purchased one, it’s time to buy a sandwich toaster and this guide can help you through choosing the right one to meet your needs.

Check the Power

Usually, the power range of sandwich toasters is anywhere between 640 and 1400 watts. Experts suggest that it is always to safer to buy appliances, which can exert an average power of up to 750 watts. So, choose one accordingly.

Consider the Shape of the Plates

Before buying a sandwich maker, you first need to determine the shape of the bread you would like to have. The sandwich maker’s plates are usually designed either in square or triangular shape depending on the shape of the bread slice. There are a few sandwich makers, which do not have any definite shape and grill or toast any bread slice that is placed over it. This would make for a better choice. Choose an appliance, which is suitable for your daily needs.

Number of Slices

When you are running late for office/college, you tend to look for the most convenient option of preparing breakfast in less time but in more quantity. When it comes to choosing a sandwich maker, instead of choosing it according to the price slab, you should check the number of slices it can toast/ grill at one go. It’s better to opt for a sandwich toaster that allows you to prepare four square slices or eight triangular slices at a time.

Automatic Operation and Thermal Insulation

This is a very important consideration if you want to avoid any electrical accident that might occur due to negligence. To address this issue, popular brands like KENT provide sandwich toasters with an auto cut-off feature. This helps you in saving the bread slices from getting burnt. In the meanwhile, you can complete your other chores while the sandwich is getting cooked.

All the cooking appliances like sandwich toasters need to be equipped with thermal insulation to avoid burning of the food while cooking. It is important to choose a toaster that is fully insulated.

Grilled or Toasted? Make a Choice as Per Your Taste

Do you prefer grilled sandwiches or toasted ones? If you happen to choose a grilled sandwich toaster, you can also grill fish, paneer, chicken and vegetables apart from making grilled sandwiches. This may work as a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. If you are looking for simpler options, then you can opt for the toaster version.

It is very important to check the features of the sandwich toaster before buying. If the appliance prepares sandwiches as per your requirements and is also safe to use, then don’t think twice before buying it. In order to use it efficiently, do not forget to go through the user manual properly.