The Most Overlooked Way to Pay Less for Your Car Insurance Policy

There are a few methods to reduce the cost of your car insurance. You may know a few of them yourself, but the most overlooked factor is the car you own. For this reason, you need to examine the car you want to buy. In fact, you need to look at several different cars in your price range and get quotes for all of them to compare the prices of car insurance policies. You may be thinking that this is self evident because the cost of a policy is a function of sticker price, but you would be wrong. Although this is a general factor, cars in the same price range can have much different insurance costs. The following are a few things to understand.

Certain cars are risky to insure
Cars that go fast are expensive to insure. Even if one car has a higher sticker price, it may be cheaper to insure than a lower cost, used car that has a reputation for speeding tickets and accidents. It is not just the difference in cost for body work, but also the cost of how frequently the body work needs to be done for a particular car’s make and model.

Certain cars are safer than others
Along with the cost of body work, safer cars will result in fewer injuries to the driver and the passengers. Insurance companies are well aware of which cars are the safest and which cars result in the largest claims. None of this, of course, is advertised by dealerships. They are in business to sell cars, and they do not care which cars are cheaper to insure.

Regardless whether you are buying a new or a used car, or are looking at both, you need to first look at the cars in your price range but not just the ones you like. You need to look at everything in your price range. Get several car insurance quotes sacramento to find out how much the insurance will be. Make sure that you ask each insurance company for the same coverage, so you can compare the differences between premiums for the same make and models.