What causes dangerous weight gain

Foods that cause obesity

People believe that consuming too many foods every day can lead to weight gain, obesity. And especially, if we remain inactive. But there are other causes of weight gain such as following unhealthy diet and exercise habits, taking certain medications, family history of obesity, health condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

These factors can make you gain weight dangerously without making you realize until it becomes a problem. However, the more you gain weight the more it becomes difficult for you to lose. Thus, we can not blame food every time. But the way you eat every day say a lot about your future health.

Foods that cause weight gain:
Eating unhealthy foods doesn’t mean you are following an unhealthy diet. People those who often develop chronic health conditions such as obesity, don’t provide their bodies with adequate nutrition. Eating too many calories for your body to use as fuel, this also refers to an increased energy intake.

Foods that commonly contribute to obesity, especially without supplemental exercise are foods made with refined carbohydrates, beverages and food high in calories and sugar, foods that are low in fibre and protein.

According to many experts, people should mainly focus on portion control. And it is always better to eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables instead of potato chips and fried chicken. A balanced diet that includes fibre and protein, overall fewer calories can really make a difference.

However, weight isn’t the only thing that determines how healthy you are. A person shouldn’t be judged by their weight. And if you want to lose weight then you should eat all the right foods, do all the right exercises. But until some combination of things finally clicks you should keep trying proven methods.