Rujuta Diwekar reveals 6 diet and fitness secrets for pain-free periods

Premature ovarian failure

Periods are a pain not just because of the stomach cramps or lower backache that many of us face but also because of PMS, acne, irregular cycles and other problems associated with it. Owing to an unhealthy lifestyle that includes dependence on junk food, improper diet, lack of exercise and good sleep, excessive stress and environmental factors, a number of women are also increasingly suffering from PCODand PCOS. Thankfully, timely diagnosis and treatment can help make your periods hassle-free. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar whose clientele includes a number of Bollywood bigwigs including Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan, says that a diverse diet is key to maintaining diverse gut bacteria which in turn helps with insulin sensitivity and regulates periods. Follow her 6 simple diet and fitness tips to regularize your periods and make them pain-free.

1) Make nachni a regular part of your diet. You can eat it either as dosa, porridge or bhakri. Nachni helps prevent cramps and acne that comes around the chin before or during periods. There are other incredible health benefits of nachni too.

2) Coconut, ghee, jaggery and aliv (halim or gardencress) seeds are great for reducing enlarged pores on the skin. Before periods, a number of women get acne and excessively oily skin. These foods can actually help tighten pores and reduce the occurrence of acne.

3) Make sure you eat plenty of raw banana, suran, sprouted legumes. They help prevent PMS and migraine. They can also prevent spotting that goes on for days after your periods. Try these other foods to deal with PMS.

4) Any kind of exercise can help reduce period-related problems, elevate your mood and increase blood circulation. But make sure you weight train once a week to improve bone mineral density and muscle tone.

5) Practice yoga asanas, especially the restorative poses like Supta baddhakonasana or reclined bound angle pose to ease pain during heavy flow. Supta baddhakonasana will help ease delivery during pregnancy too.

6) Take a calcium & Vitamin B12 supplement during the entire week of the period to keep cramps and headaches and backaches at bay.