Are you suffering from diphtheria? Go au naturel


You may suffer from diphtheria due to bacteria called Corynebacterium diphtheria. It is typically contracted from person-to-person or through contact with objects that contain bacteria, such as a cup or used tissue. You may also suffer from it when you are around the person who is infected with it – if the person sneezes or coughs. Your nose and throat will get infected by the bacteria. The bacteria release dangerous substances called toxins once you get infected by it. Then, the toxins can enter your bloodstream and can form a thick and grey coating in the areas like nose, throat and on your tongue. Furthermore, the toxins can also damage your kidneys, heart and brain. You may also be at the risk of kidney failure, paralysis and myocarditis.

You may exhibit the following symptoms- fever, chills, a sore throat, discomfort andso on. Unhygienic conditions with unhealthy eating habits and low immunity can lead to diphtheria. So, just visit your expert and take proper medication. Also, you can try these home remedies which can help you to overcome it.

  • You can opt for garlic juice: Garlic is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature and can cure this deadly disease. You can take those magnificent crushed garlic cloves and swallow it.
  •  You can exercise: You should stay physically active and take up any activity which will help you to stay fit and fine.
  •  You should stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water which can help enhance your digestion.
  • You can opt for raw papaya: it will help you to dissolve the membrane and prevent the infection from spreading. So, just mix some papaya juice and honey with water and gargle.
  • You can opt for orange juice: It is rich in vitamin C and can strengthen your immunity. So, drink it from time to time.