3 home remedies to tackle burning mouth syndrome

burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is an ongoing (chronic) or recurrent burning in the mouth without any known reason. You will feel uncomfortable and it can affect your tongue, gums, lips, inside of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth. It can be severe and you will find it difficult to eat/ drink/ swallow. You may suffer from it suddenly and it will tend to develop gradually. You may exhibit symptoms like loss of taste, Taste changes, such as a bitter or metallic taste and a bumpy appearance with redness on the tongue. So, just consult your doctor and seek a proper treatment.

  1.  You can opt for cold water: Sip some cold water when you feel burning sensations. It will numb your tongue nerves and help you to get rid of that irritating pain by soothing it. You will be able to ease your feeling of dry mouth if you sip some cold water. As a dry mouth can worsen the condition. So, just keep on drinking cold water, suck some ice cubes or try eating an ice cream. You will surely feel good after doing so.
  2. You can opt for the foods rich in vitamin B: If you lack vitamin B then this deficiency can affect the tissues of your tongue and mouth which can lead to the burning mouth syndrome. So, eat whole-grain breads and cereals, eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, salmon, oats, avocados and bananas.
  3.  You can opt for baking soda: It can help you to neutralize the environment in your mouth and balance your mouth ’s pH level. It can also fight infections and yeast. What you can do is- mix some baking soda with water and gargle with it. You should keep in mind that going overboard on it isn’t a good idea. So, just talk to your expert about it and then try it in the recommend quantity by your expert as baking soda may erode the tooth enamel over time because it is abrasive in nature.