Bid adieu to your dry cough by sipping on tulsi tea

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A reflex action that clears your airway of irritants and mucus can be called a dry cough. It can negatively impact your day-to-day life and can lower your productivity. Environmental allergens, pollutant or toxins  can cause dry cough. Though, can be expelled out of the body by coughing.

Just be aware of these causes of  dry cough

  • Asthma can be a cause of a dry cough as one may experience continuous coughing, if he/she is suffering from asthma.
  • Viral infections can be the cause of a dry cough, as you  feel irritation in your airways after a viral illness.
  • Smoking can also lead to a dry cough as it can cause lung inflammation.
  • Bronchitis which starts with a cough can also lead to a dry cough.

So, if you wish to breathe free and want to get that instant relief from a dry cough then just opt for tulsi tea. Yes, you have heard it right! Holy basil is the answer for your dry cough problem. Tulsi leaves are beneficial for your skin as well as your health as the magnificent tulsi will help you to keep your dry cough at bay.

All you need to know about holy basil: People have been using tulsi leaves to prepare concoctions to treat microbial infections and boost immunity. It carries antiseptic and analgesic properties and can help you to fight many lung ailments like asthma, bronchitis and many more by boosting your immunity. Furthermore, due to its antitussive properties, you will be able to get rid of your dry cough. So just sip on this wonderful tulsi tea and say goodbye to your dry cough.

Know how to prepare tulsi tea
• Just add some tulsi leaves to the water in the pan. Boil it and cover the pan. Let it cool down. Strain the mixture and drink it.
• You can add honey and ginger (optional).

So, just stock up some basil leaves and lead a healthy life.