All About Subsea Safety Systems

The discoveries which have been taking place in ultradeep waters are leading to many crucial technological advances. However, these advances would never have taken place without the protection that a proven Subsea Saftey System brings to the table. Any company which is operating in such an environment is presented with specific challenges which must be confronted so that the discovery process can continue. To put it bluntly, the oil and mineral reserves must continue to be discovered, evaluated, and developed in manners that are both safe and efficient. Landing strings which operate in a subsea environment have been proven to deliver operations which are safe, compliant with all regulations, and efficient in all operations. These subsea applications all operate in an environment up to a depth of 15,000 feet.

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These types of systems, when designed by experienced companies such as PRT Offshore, are designed with the implication that they will be minimizing safety risks in subsea environments. This will be true no matter if the stages are that of completion, exploration, intervention, or even appraisals. The Subsea Saftey System is also meant to ensure the status of secure when dealing with an active well emergency situation.

If choosing a company that is providing a solution for those operations which are taking place in a subsea environment, there should be many factors to consider. The company should be experienced in delivering subsea solutions which are both efficient and reliable. These solutions should be applicable and scalable globally, as there will be deep water explorations which will take place on a global scale, not just within the bounds of one’s own country.

The company should also be experienced in providing solutions which range from in-riser to open water and in both shallow water and deep water. The specific project requirements of each client should be taken into consideration along with industry standards which continue to evolve but may also differ from country to country.

Always ask if the systems they have designed are capable of functioning in high-temperatures and high-pressure environments in depths of water which are increasingly becoming deeper and deeper as the focus of exploration all while maintaining the functional integrity and reliability that professionals have come to expect.

These are all reasons why a Subsea Saftey System should be fully considered whenever deep water oil exploration is the focus of the company at hand.