Unique Cleaning Businesses To Start

When most people start a cleaning business, they open their services up to commercial or residential clients. Most cleaning businesses clean homes or offices of various sizes. But if you want to get involved in something a little different, then there are other types of cleaning services you can open that would make considerably more money, but at much higher risk.

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Industrial Cleaning

If real cleaning work is what you are looking for, then you need to start an industrial factory cleaning business. This is seriously hard work that requires investing in a lot of heavy duty equipment. You will also need to become licensed in handling a variety of hazardous waste materials, and it does not hurt to become licensed as a general contractor as well.

Crime Scene Cleaning

If you have ever wondered what happens to a crime scene after the police are done with it, then you should start your own crime scene cleaning business. The authorities remove all of the evidence and any human remains from the site and it is your job to remove the rest. You would work for the property owner, who is going to want their property back to generating revenue as quickly as possible. Crime scene cleaners learn the art of cleaning a variety of substances such as blood with methods that most people have never heard of.

Abandoned Rental Property Cleaning

When a landlord has a tenant skip out on a property, that tenant usually leaves behind quite a mess. The problem can be compounded when the tenant that left was extremely messy and collected garbage all over the property. You will never know what you will find when you clean abandoned properties, but you can rest assured knowing that your days will never be boring.

Professional cleaning services can be lucrative businesses to start. But if the idea of cleaning a home or office does not appeal to you, then you should consider a more exotic cleaning business that offers a different way to make a living.