Kate Middleton reveals secret to post-baby weight loss after giving birth thrice

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Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan to her sister-in-law, actor Soha Ali Khan, over the past couple of years many A-list celebrities have opened up about the pressure to lose weight after giving birth. And it is being reported that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has shared her secrets to staying fit and healthy, following the births of her three children.

HELLO! reports that during her royal visit to New Delhi in 2016, to attend a garden party for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, the then mother-of-two was asked by fellow guest how she shed her baby weight so swiftly following the birth of Princess Charlotte. To which Middleton reportedly said, “I am running after my kids.”

No crazy diets, no juice cleanses, no unrealistic weight goals and fitness regimes – just a simple run around with the children is Middleton’s secret to post-pregnancy weight loss.

If you have wondered how Middleton stays so slim (and looks so impossibly radiant) after giving birth to three babies, since her 2011 wedding to Prince William, now you know about her fitness routine. And, just like that, the British royal is every mom chasing after a toddler who’s sprinting gleefully toward an electrical socket.