The Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners Used In Housekeeping

Nowadays, it has become quite common to use a vacuum cleaner for home, offices and even cars as they make the cleaning job easy and efficient. Vacuum cleaners are a lifeline in housekeeping jobs. In commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants, you need to maintain cleanliness at a different level altogether and vacuum cleaners are your best bet there. Let us see the different types of vacuum cleaners that can be used in housekeeping.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

These are small lightweight vacuum cleaners that can be held in one hand. They are ideal for areas, which are hard-to-reach but need a thorough cleaning. You can use them for upholstery edges, curtains, music systems, couches, cars etc. They are extremely easy and convenient to use.

Bed & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

This is very useful for housekeeping staff as it helps them in cleaning surfaces like mattresses, pillows, rugs, blankets and sofas in hotel rooms. The advanced models come with UV light disinfection system, which helps in cleaning the microbes too along with dust and dirt so that the bed and upholstery feel and smell fresh.

Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner

Cylindrical vacuum cleaners work only on suction power with no rotating brushes and are very commonly used by housekeeping staff. They come equipped with a filter, which also works as a diffuser and helps in removing fine dust. There is a flexible hose attached to it, which can be used with different attachments. Hence, you can efficiently and effectively clean a variety of surfaces with the help of this vacuum cleaner along with different attachments.

Wet-Cum-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial places like hotel rooms commonly have rugs and carpeted floors. The guests may spill things on them and maintaining them without a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a nightmare. Besides the carpeted floor, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners are also ideal for cleaning the grouted floor as dirt often settles down in the grout lines. Mopping is not enough to pick that dirt, but these vacuum cleaners make sure that no dirt is left behind.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners are ideal for areas, which require daily vacuuming because they tend to be economical in such cases. With bagged vacuums, you need to change bags often as a big area is cleaned on a daily basis leading to more dust collected in the bag. In the case of bagless vacuums, the housekeeping staff just needs to empty the dust chamber when it gets full.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Backpack vacuum cleaners are lightweight and come with an ergonomic backpack system. The housekeeping person can strap it to his back and vacuum conveniently using both hands. It can also be carried in hand. It is designed for fatigue-free cleaning as the housekeeping attendant needs to clean many rooms or a big area and that too with perfection. They have immense power and are very efficient and the operation is very quiet. They can be used for cleaning the ceiling, curtain ends, mattresses etc.

These are the main kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market if you are looking forward to buy one. Each type is designed to perform in a slightly different way. Assess your needs so that you can decisively choose one of the best types of vacuum cleaner for home based on that.