10 interesting things that need to be refrigerated

1. Why they should be refrigerated?

Why they should be refrigerated?
Food safety is something that should always be of prime importance in the kitchen. In many cases, people fail to understand its worth and then suffer through a health crisis. According to health experts, there are food items that might look healthy but turn to be dangerous for the body, because of the way they are stored. Here is a list of 10 interesting food items that should ideally be refrigerated for optimal freshness and food safety. Have a look.

2. Dried fruit

If you happen to buy dried fruits in bulk, the best way to keep them fresh is to keep them in the main compartment of the fridge. This helps keep their nutrients intact and also preserves them from worms and insects.

3. Red wine

In general, white wine is what we always refrigerate, but experts suggest to refrigerate red wine too because it is believed that a small amount of oxidation due to change in temperature improves the taste of wine.

4. Salsa

Salsa has a lot of veggies including onion and garlic that develop bacteria if kept at room temperature for more than 48 hours. It uses very little vinegar that fails to stop the reaction and that’s the reason it is meant to be kept in the refrigerator once opened.

5. Apple

The best way to keep apples fresh is to store them in the fridge drawer. It not only helps maintain the water content but also keeps the outer skin healthy and fresh. Make sure that you wash them properly before eating.

6. Ginger

Keep some fresh ginger in the open air and some in the fridge (packed in a ziplock bag) for a week and see the change. The former goes dry and becomes tasteless, while the latter is as fresh as it was a week back.

7. Tortilla

It is always recommended to refrigerate tortillas after opening because they tend to get moldy at room temperature. According to Mexican chefs, the cold temperatures help prevent the mold growth.

8. Ketchup

If you think that acid content in the ketchup bottle is enough to keep it safe, you are highly mistaken. You need to keep the open bottle in the fridge to prevent it from spoiling further.

9. Pie

We all love our pie to be warm. If you keep it at room temperature for more than 60 minutes, it tends to spoil and develop bacteria due to semi-cooked fruits and nuts. Ideally, it should be kept in the fridge and consumed right after microwaving.

10. Maple syrup

As a condiment, maple syrup has a short shelf life of 1 year. Once open, it should be kept in the fridge to restrict any mold growth.

11. Jam and jelly

The open jar of jam or jelly should be ideally kept in the fridge to avoid the growth of mold and yeast. If you have observed, the refrigerated ones taste better than the others.