WhatsApp’s next feature to save you from spam, malicious links

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WhatsApp has swung into action after getting pulled up by the government over not doing enough to control the spread of misinformation, rumours and fake news on its platform. The instant messaging company has launched a few initiatives to resolve this problem and is now coming up with another solution to ensure users’ privacy and curb spams.

WhatsApp is testing a new feature called “suspicious link detection” which as the name suggests will warn users about links that can compromise their security. These links will be especially pointed out in red colour with a label “Suspicious Link.” WhatsApp will also hide the link url and if a user proceeds to click the link, they will be shown a notification — “Suspicious Link. This link contains unusual characters. It maybe trying to appear as another site.”

As reported by WABetainfo, a website that regularly monitors the platform, the feature has made its way to the beta version of WhatsApp (v 2.18.221). The feature, however, has been part of the previous beta version as well.

The latest WhatsApp feature seems highly inspired by Google’s notification for malicious link on search results that says “This site may harm your computer.” Google shows notifications to warn about the websites that could allow programmes to install malicious software on users’ computers.

Apart from warning about spam links, WhatsApp has introduced features to curb the spread of fake news on the platform. The company recently rolled out “forwarded” label for messages that have been simply forwarded by users. It also announced testing a limit of forwarding up to five messages.