8 Signs You’re Experiencing A Quarter Life Crisis

8 Signs You're Experiencing A Quarter Life Crisis

While people think the 20s are the best years in life, that isn’t true for everyone. Many are stepping out of their sheltered lives into the big, bad world, making it a time that’s fraught with uncertainty, conflict and frustration. Much of this is because of a quarter life crisis.

You’ve heard of a mid-life crisis and how it revolves around clutching to one’s youth but what’s this? In an age of instant gratification and the world at our fingertips, a quarter life crisis is quickly becoming a problem faced by many young adults in their 20s and sometimes, even 30s. It usually deals with tackling adulthood so if you’ve noticed any of these signs, you’re probably experiencing a quarter life crisis.

1. You want to pack up your bags, leave it all behind and travel to places like Cambodia and Spain to soak in the food and culture. But at the same time, you want a steady job for the security and stable income it brings home.

2. You like playing with little children, babysitting them and gifting them adorable onesies for no rhyme or reason. But the thought of having one of your own is a scary one that you can’t comprehend right now. One day, perhaps…

3. You constantly fall into a competitive cycle with your friends and family. Whether it is with gadgets, apartments, handbags, relationships or jobs, you’re always comparing yourself with them and feeling insecure when you think you fall short.

4. You’re stuck between being too young or too old to make choices. Now that you’re finally into adulthood, you can make your own decisions but you’re unsure about actually making them and facing the consequences.

5. Every time you open Facebook, a new school mate of yours is getting engaged or having a baby, which only heightens your anxiety. You, on the other hand are wondering if the boy you met last week will text you back.

6. You enjoy spending your night with hot tea and a good book but are still struck with a severe case of FOMO when you see pictures from the party that you said you were too busy to go to.

7. Thanks to your constant digital presence, you feel like you need to prove to your peers that you are satisfied with where you are in life, even if this means keeping up with the latest (and usually expensive) trends, just to show that you’ve made it.

8. You want big things from life, proven by your never-ending bucket list of places to see and experiences to have. But you’re scared that you’ve barely crossed off anything from that list.


If you’ve experienced any of these signs, know that it is completely natural at this age and it will get better. Talk to a friend, a parent or an elder if you find yourself in need of an outlet. Life may never be perfect but with time, you’ll gradually learn to manage the adulthood worries that come along with it.