Gmail for Android Gets Unsubscribe Tips Feature, APK Teardown Tips Upcoming Features

Gmail for Android Gets Unsubscribe Tips Feature, APK Teardown Tips Upcoming Features

Just days after the arrival of customisable swipe actions, Gmail for Android has now been updated with an Unsubscribe tips feature that will show occasional suggestions to help you unsubscribe from bulk email senders you rarely read. An APK teardown of the latest Gmail app separately found it to be preparing to add an option to send you notifications only on the receipt of high-priority messages. Notably, the Gmail team brought this artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature to iOS users last week. It comes through a ‘High priority only’ option that sits under the Notifications drop-down in the Settings menu. Other new features were found in the teardown as well, such as promotional email bundling, and show original.

The Unsubscribe tips feature, which is enabled by default, was originally announced back in April – alongside the major Gmail redesign that will be rolled out worldwide to everyone in July. It helps you get rid of unwanted newsletter emails by letting you easily unsubscribe from sites or services that rarely get read. The feature shows tips on the homescreen of the app with an Unsubscribe button that enables unsubscription with a single tap. You can certainly skip the tips by tapping the No Thanksbutton. Moreover, the option to enable or disable the Unsubscribe tips sit under the Inbox Tips settings that is available under Settings > account settings.

Apart from the available Unsubscribe tips feature, Android Police reports that an APK teardown of the latest Gmail app has shown the evidence of upcoming feature that limits notifications to only high-priority emails. It comes as a High priority option, which was first seen on Inbox by Gmail and recently headed to Gmail for iOS. Notably, the feature is highly useful if you receive a large number of emails on a daily basis.

Similar to the Unsubscribe tips feature, the High priority only option was announced first at the time of the redesigned Gmail earlier this year. The Gmail team also recently confirmed that the AI-based development is heading to Android soon.

Android Police folks have also spotted an email bundling option for promotional emails. It essentially extends the Promotions tab by grouping multiple promotional emails into a single entry. This helps to maintain your attention on important emails only.

Furthermore, there is a string, namely Show Original, that is likely to enable the Gmail app to show the original message from a thread with a single tap. There is a string titled Share that could let users share the original message from a particular thread, the report speculates.

You can download the APK file of the latest app (version from APK Mirror to experience the Unsubscribe tips feature. It will also soon reach Google Play. Meanwhile, there isn’t any certainty on when we can see the features uncovered through the APK teardown.