Adultery isn’t the main cause for divorce anymore

Approximately 90% of people in modern western cultures marry by the time they reach the age of 50. And while a strong, healthy marriage can benefit physical and mental health, a bad marriage can have the opposite effect. Adultery isn’t the main cause for divorce anymore but tell a close relation about your impending divorce and chances are they’ll ask about that aspect of the marriage. And to be honest, they might be on to something. After all, partners often miss some of the most obvious signs of trouble before it’s too late to avoid a Michigan divorce. But what are some major signs your spouse may be cheating?

Visual Appearance and Aesthetics Suddenly Improve

Has hubby suddenly switched out dirty boots for shiny loafers and band shirts for clean polo shirts? Has the Mrs. recently changed or updated her hairstyle, opted for manicures, and switched body scents? Sexual and romantic attention often creates the desire to improve self-appearance to impress the other person. So their sudden improvements may have little or nothing to do with professional or personal growth.


Tech Gizmos Are Guarded or Password Protected

Is his cell phone suddenly always by his side, tucked away in a drawer, turned off at night, or password-protected? Does she hop on the tablet or cell phone when you leave the room, quickly stop texting/ abruptly log off when you enter one or take her phone into the bathroom when she showers? Password protection and confidential communication can be essential for any type of work or social relationships. However, if this is a relatively recent change and one that doesn’t have a reasonable explanation, it may be a telltale sign of potential adultery.


Lack of Or General Disinterest in Sex

Every relationship goes through slumps, but there’s a difference between life stress and redirected interest. Your partner may not be rejecting you outright. But if he previously instigated sex more often or fought against your rejections until recently that could be a sign that someone else is getting his attention. Intimacy can be measured on many levels, but sexual interest needs to be among that in a solid marriage. And while women generally cheat for an emotional connection, men usually cheat to regain a physical one.


Conversations Increasingly Include the Name or Behaviors of a Specific Other Person

Adultery or the thought of it can lead to several personal feelings or reactions. Among the top are excitement and guilt. If the spouse in question is on a personal high over getting away with the affair, his or her adrenalin rush may cause them to slip the other person’s name into conversations at home. However, if the spouse is feeling especially guilty about the attraction or adulterous actions, he or she may instead talk negatively about the person they’re sleeping with in an attempt to through their spouse off the track.


Social Media Usage and Behaviors

A new study has discovered that up to 35% of committed spouses use Facebook alone to line up potential “back burner” affairs. While social media relationships are common regardless of gender, men are often twice as likely as women to transform those into offline physical affairs. Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, so the only reason needed for a Michigan divorce is proof of irreconcilable differences. However, if your marriage is facing adulterous claims, proof of those differences likely already exists and a competent Michigan divorce attorney can easily and quickly help you move on with your life.