Great Vacation Ideas for Seniors

It often seems as if many vacation spots are designed for young couples, for Millennials or for families with young children these days. However, if you are a senior with an empty nest and an urge to cross a few more stops off your vacation bucket list, you most likely have done plenty of research about places around the world that cater to your needs and tastes. Check out these three fun options that will give you a start in planning your next vacation.

Alaskan Cruise

Heading to Alaska is a great way to stay in the United States but see something far different from what you normally see. Alaska has great wildlife and will give you plenty of opportunities to see mountains, waterfalls, whales, glaciers and more. Most cruises give you a chance to disembark in Alaska to check out local culture. While a Caribbean cruise may be cheaper, your value for the money will be better when you get to cross Alaska off your bucket list.

European River Cruise

Another great cruise option that may be a bit out of the ordinary is a European river cruise that heads down the Danube or the Rhine and allows you to disembark in many cities along the way. While you enjoy the breeze on your deck chair or a delicious meal in the dining room, you can be viewing historical architecture and charming villages. You can also enjoy local foods and wines.

Golfing Trip

If you want to stay on the easier and sometimes cheaper side, an all-inclusive golf resort may be more your speed. The fees at these resorts typically cover lodging, food, entertainment and some sports. If you just love to golf, some Miami golf courses offer resort-style amenities, such as country club cooking as well as health and fitness equipment, while keeping you within the country for ease of travel.


Now that you are a senior and most likely retired from your full-time day job, you have plenty of tine to devote to seeing those parts of the world that you have always longed to see. No matter what your budget is, you can enjoy seeing places in your own part of the world or can travel halfway around the globe to discover new cultures. These three options give you a fun look at the many locales that are open to you.