Five Ways to Maintain a Quality Parking Garage for Employees

If you manage a parking garage used by the employees of many nearby businesses, there are things you can do to entice them to pay each day to use the garage. Look at five examples.

Keep the Parking Area and Elevators Clean

Sweeping the floors of the parking garage and removing any trash or debris that blows in makes a parking garage much more inviting to workers. Don’t forget to sweep and clean the floors, walls and control panels of any elevators within the parking garage. These can become dirty very quickly due to people entering and exiting them with snow-covered feet, muddy shoes and more. A clean parking garage looks well-kept and that is appealing to many employees.

Install Adequate Lighting

A well-lit parking garage is a safe, pleasant place to leave a car. Lights should be installed near the elevators as well as above actual parking spaces. Other places for lights include entrance and exit ramps and corners of the garage. The lighting can deter criminal activity and help employees to find their cars very quickly.

Maintain Your Elevators

Elevators in a parking garage that creak or hesitate are definitely not appealing to employees using the facility. It’s best to keep the elevators in your parking garage running smoothly in any type of temperature. This helps to reassure the employees and others who use your parking garage that you keep a close watch on the condition of your elevators.

Put Up Proper Signage

A professional parking garage must have proper signage. This means a driver should know right away where the nearest exit is as well as where the elevators are located. If there is an emergency, a driver should see signs pointing to an emergency phone they can use to call the police or security officials.

Maintain a High Level of Security

Lighting and proper signage contribute to the security of a parking garage. A parking control system is another idea for extra security. This sort of system lets you know who is leaving and entering the garage. In short, it keeps the parking garage operating in an organized, secure way. Taking the steps to learn more about this type of system can help you boost the number of employees who utilize your parking garage.

Lastly, these suggestions can help your parking garage stand out among a downtown area brimming with garages. Sometimes taking just a little more care with the appearance and features of your parking garage can make it a favorite with employees throughout a city.