Ways to Stay Safe in Side-By-Sides

Side-by-sides are very popular recreational off-road vehicles today. Many love to race and explore new areas in these powerful vehicles that look amazing. The Polaris Side-By-Side Model boasts an impressive high approval rating. This vehicle can take riders off on exciting excursions, going where no man has gone before. Well, at least the people in the vehicle have probably never seen where they are heading. This type of off-road adventure is drawing in many people. Young children and grown adults often stand speechless when in front of the huge vehicles. There are specific ways to avoid trouble while driving one of these hot vehicles.

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Always ensure that your Polaris mirrors are in the right position and not broken. Driving on backwoods paths can kick up a lot of dirt. Make sure that windshields and mirrors are not so dirty that they have blind spots. When operating one of these vehicles, it is critical to be able to see properly. Accidents can happen if the driver’s view is obstructed. Any glass or mirror should be regularly checked and cleaned. The driver should take precautions with hats and hoods. These clothing choises might hinder the driver’s ability to see from different angles.

Helmets are recommended for this type of vehicle. Always follow the particular laws regarding helmet use. These head gear items can reduce the chances of severe brain or head injury if there is an accident. Drivers should also be sure to wear safety glasses. Rugged terrain often has shrubs, dirt, stones and other debris that can get picked up by tires and forcefully propelled. This debris could end up in someone’s eyes causing massive injury and even blindness. Make sure the glasses give protection around the sides too. Safety glasses are better than ordinary glasses as they will not shatter after an impact.

Big tires are a trademark of side-by-sides and other off-road vehicles. This is important to be able to navigate over rough terrain and even rocky environments. These bigger tires need checked for safe driving often. If a tire blows, the vehicle could flip. The driver should make sure that the tires have enough pressure before beginning any driving activity. The tires should be carefully scrutinized for wear and holes or tears. These tires should be regularly serviced. They should also be cleaned thoroughly after any off-road drive. Dirt up under the tires and bottom of the vehicle can be thrown off hurting a bystander. This grime and debris build up can also cause damage to metal and other surfaces.

When operating an off-road side-by-side, it is imperative to drive slowly when on rugged and unfamiliar terrain. If racing, make sure that this is in a safe area. It is always important to monitor children that are passengers or drivers of any off-road vehicle. It is crucial for younger people to wear the recommended safety gear. Children that are not riding, still need close supervision to keep them from getting injured by debris or the vehicles.

Drivers and passengers of side-by-sides should never let their arms or legs hang out of the vehicle. Never drink alcohol and drive, and don’t drive or ride if under the influence of drugs. These vehicles can be loads of fun. There is safety in numbers too.