How To Stop Thinking Negatively Once And For All

We all occasionally find ourselves slipping into negative thought patterns. While it’s normal to occasionally worry or think something bad, it’s not normal to constantly obsess over the things you can’t change and to focus on regret. If you find yourself often thinking negative thoughts and want to make a change, follow this guide on how to stop thinking negatively once and for all.

Remember That No Situation Is Hopeless

No matter what horrible situation you’ve found yourself in, it’s imperative that you remember that no situation is truly hopeless. People with terminal illnesses often make miraculous turnarounds. People wrongly accused of crimes successfully apply for pardons applications. There is really no such thing as a “hopeless situation.”

Don’t Punish Yourself For Worrying

When you’re trying to adopt a more positive mindset, you might find that you silently admonish yourself for worrying or thinking a negative thought. We can’t truly control the thoughts that pass through our minds throughout the day. Instead of beating yourself up for something that you can’t control, allow the thought to pass through your mind like a paper boat floating along a stream. This relaxed way of thinking will result in you obsessing over the little things for prolonged periods of time to become a more infrequent occurance.

Be Thankful

We spend a lot of time obsessing over the things we don’t own and the goals that we have yet to accomplish. What we don’t devote much time to is being thankful for what we’ve achieved and what we own. While you can’t force any and all negative thoughts out of your head, you can indeed devote more of your energy to thinking thoughts of gratitude. This can make a huge difference in your overall outlook.

Remember That No One Is Focused On You

One of the most pervasive negative thinking patterns is the constant worry that other people are thinking poorly of you. While it’s true that you’ll occasionally encounter rotten and toxic people who think terrible things about you, those nasty people are few and far between. The truth is that most people are too focused on themselves to devote much time to worrying about others. Ditch the notion that the people around you are constantly judging you or gossiping about you.

Rank Your Worries

When you find yourself worrying about something, take a moment to rank it. This means that you figure out where it falls on the overall list of the things that matter in your life. If you find that the specific worry earns a very low place on this list, you’ll find that the negative thoughts surrounding it begin to lessen.

Live In The Moment

Life doesn’t start when you become successful and accomplish all of your goals. Life is what’s happening right now in this very moment. People who find themselves consumed by negative thinking are often more preoccupied with the past and the future than they are with the present. Teach yourself to truly live in the moment and to realize that you’re life is already in full-swing whether you like it or not.

Be Kind To Others

The more joy and positivity that you spread to other people, the less negativity you’ll experience inside the confines of your own mind. It is truly challenging to feel sad and anxious when you’re a beacon of light and laughter for the people around you. You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth for other people or do anything that will inconvenience you. Instead, just make a point to be kind and gracious to each person you encounter, whether they’re particularly deserving of it or not

Treat Yourself To Things That Make You Happy

You don’t have to empty your bank account in a big shopping excursion in order to treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Treating yourself can be as simple as taking a bath or a long walk on a nice day. These little moments that you design for your own joy will do wonders for reducing your negative thoughts.

We can’t completely eliminate negative thinking patterns from our lives. But if you follow these tips, you can reduce your negative thoughts and start to feel more joyous.