Storm Damage Restoration Specialists

Paul Davis is one of the top disaster restoration companies in Canada. The organization knows what extreme weather conditions can do to homes. Because of the sheer destruction of natural disasters such as hurricanes, severe rainstorms, windstorms, snowstorms and hail can do to a house, Paul Davis makes it a mission to bring your home back to the best condition possible afterward.

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One of the worst types of weather conditions that can affect your home and its exterior structure is a hailstorm. Fortunately, Paul Davis provides exceptional hail damage restoration services if you find yourself in that situation. Contacting the company for its services will provide you with immediate assistance so that you can get your home back in order and carry on with your everyday activities. You can reach the Paul Davis staff on a 24/7 basis via phone or online. If you access the company website, be sure to click on the “Get Immediate Help” button. Within 30 minutes, the Paul Davis team will get back to you and be at your home within four hours to begin the task of cleaning up your home and delivering storm damage services.

If you have experienced considerable damage to your house after a disastrous storm, you will absolutely want to rely on Paul Davis for its cleanup and restoration services. The company has an exceptional history and has been in business for more than 50 years. The team of skilled professionals from Paul Davis are highly committed to their jobs and will bring you only the highest quality of cleanup and restoration for damage by a variety of storms, not only hail but for bad leaks from heavy rainfall, lightning, hurricanes and tornados.

Paul Davis offers its wonderful cleanup and restoration services to people who reside in the Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec areas of Canada. Services that are included within the work include water extraction, emergency boarding up of the home, complete reconstruction services, structural stabilization and roof tarping. These particular services are performed when there has been considerable damage to your house following huge winds or a big storm to ensure that your home can remain intact and not suffer from further damage. The team of professionals will work on further stabilizing your home while restoring it to what it was prior to the weather disaster.

No matter what, if you have suffered hail damage to your home before, it’s important to take the right measures to prevent a future disaster. While it’s impossible to completely avoid natural disasters such as hail from striking your house, you can still do your part to minimize the damage. Here are a few of the ways you can prevent damage from occurring during a hailstorm:

  • Install heavy duty bolts on all outer doors
  • Reinforce your garage doors at their weakest areas
  • Install glass on all windows and doors that is resistant to impact
  • Repair any roof shingles that have dents or other damage and replace those that are missing to prevent leaks and flooding
  • Put up temporary or permanent storm shutters over all your windows

If you have suffered damage to your home and belongings following a hailstorm, it’s important to have the right restoration company on your side. Paul Davis has a huge team of experienced certified technicians who know exactly how to tackle the problem of hailstorm and other weather-related damage. They will strive to get the best possible outcome for your property when they get to work and will devise a plan to restore your home. it is absolutely essential to immediately spring into action when disaster strikes and immediately contact Paul Davis so that a team of professionals can arrive at your property and begin the cleanup and restoration process as soon as possible.

When you are dealing with disaster to your home after hail damage, you can expect the most common instances: shattered windows, flooding and damage to the exterior structure of your home. The first step the team from Paul Davis undertakes is performing a complete inspection of the property to assess the damage and creating an action plan that addresses every issue. Afterward, the team will get to work on the actual restoration process, which includes extracting water from your home, repairing the structure of the house and drying the interior as well as your belongings.

If you have suffered damage as a result of a hailstorm and need your home restored, call the Paul Davis team immediately at 800-661-5975.