The evolution of tech and entertainment

In the modern digital age, it is sometimes hard to think back to how things used to be in terms of entertainment. Certainly, with music and television, the evolution of innovative new technology over the last few decades has allowed for ways to entertain yourself that would have been unheard of prior to that.

This advance in how entertainment is provided and the excellence of the experience to you as a consumer is quite simply stunning. All this has benefited the human race greatly in terms of giving us more and better ways to enjoy our leisure time.

Mobile phones

Of course, the number-one technological advancement that has contributed to better, more accessible entertainment is the rise of mobile phones. With your mobile device, you can watch TV, listen to your favorite tracks, and play online games wherever you are. The use of mobile devices to do this has also allowed people to become more comfortable with the digital, online world and using this as their main source of entertainment.

What has technology changed over the years?


At one time, if you wanted to play the lotto, you would need to physically go to the relevant store and fill in your ticket with a pen. The evolution of technology has changed this forever though, as you can now play the lotto online if desired. Sites such as give you the chance to pick your Mega Millions numbers from the comfort of your own armchair!

Listening to music

The world of music has seen a massive change in how we access and listen to tracks thanks to new technology. The advent of Bluetooth connectivity has allowed you to listen to your music via a wireless speaker wherever you are.

The many online music streaming services out there turn your mobile into a portable jukebox with access to a vast library of songs from diverse artists. All this shows just how technology has moved on and changed music as an entertainment form with it.

Independent video streaming sites

Popular online sites such as YouTube are a regular part of our lives now and show just how new technology can make its mark. Before they came along, the chance to quickly make and broadcast your own videos was not possible for most people. The power and rate of how technology can change is summed up by this example and even gave rise to new professions such as vlogging!


Back in the day, you might have had a fair number of channels to choose from but still were limited to watching what was on at that exact moment. New technology within this sector has changed that forever and allowed for TV streaming services such as Netflix to become successful. Now, you have access electronically to whole seasons of current or past shows for your viewing pleasure.

The only constant thing is change

If there is one thing that you can be sure of moving forward, it’s that technology will continue to change and provide you with new ways to entertain yourself. Whether this is in the sectors above or other areas such as gaming, it is likely that the next decade will bring out some more amazing new products to help you have fun.