The Best Color-Infused E-mail Designs 

While most website owners rush to build and design their websites after they’ve set up their domain and web hosting, they never take the time to design their emails. Email is one of the primary ways to stay connected with your customers. With email marketing, you’re not just competing with other businesses, you’re competing to win the reader’s attention. That’s why you want to put a lot of focus into designing your emails as well. Here are some of the best color-infused email designs to inspire your upcoming email campaigns.

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1. Banana Republic

If you have a visual oriented business like fashion, then you want to put in the extra effort into your email content. In this example, Banana Republic takes advantage of the season and comes up with great color Spring photos of their latest pieces. They’ve put in the extra effort with formatting, typography and magazine style layout to make it look like a special catalog rather than an email.

2. Women’s Conference of Florida 2016

By now, you’ve received at least one or two invitations to a conference via email. Most are very plain and straight to the point. This conference makes a big splash with the colors and really sells the event through the design. It uses strong color schemes, appealing typography and strong iconography. It was also a smart idea to use a real photo of the featured speaker.

3. J.Crew’s Sneaky Promotion Sale

J.Crew’s email has absolutely nothing to do with ice cream and is all about their big sale. However, they use a stack of ice cream scoops to lead the reader down all the way to the bottom. The vibrant colors of the ice cream scoops plays into the taste buds of the readers while creating an enticing visual that gets them to commit all the way to the end of the email. Sometimes experimental emails like this can work very well.

4. Rifle Paper Co.’s Holiday Card

Everyone loves holiday cards because they remind you of loved ones, hidden gifts and the holiday spirit. Rifle Paper Co. plays into this theme with a beautifully designed holiday card design that offers 20% off to their readers. The colors are inviting, the promotional message is clear and it just reminds you of the holidays despite the campaign being launched in March.

5. On

Many businesses are curious about how to use email to launch or feature their new products. Swiss running shoe company On does executes their launch with a breathtaking design. They feature a runner standing on the peak of a mountain and looking down into the beautiful colorful landscape. Right in the center of this photo is a perfect placement of their new running shoe.

6. Starbucks

When you have a long product line as well as multiple promotions you want to bring attention to, what do you do? Starbucks uses their email newsletter to deliver a mix of content and promotions in neat-sectioned visual presentations. Each section of their newsletter features a large image that features strong photos, great typography and graphic accents that make it inviting for the reader to click on their links.

7. Rolling Stone Australia

Running a blog that posts a lot of content? A great way to share your best posts is to follow Rolling Stone Australia’s newsletter template. They use a simple newsletter style header followed by a list of their latest stories with accompanying thumbnails. The presentation looks like a regular blog design and that’s why it works. Readers know what to expect from this familiar design.

8. TopShop

TopShop uses a great email newsletter layout for their eCommerce store. The whole design looks like it’s a page ripped out from a fashion brand catalog. But instead of overwhelming the reader with too many elements, they keep it focused to their most important promotions. The top of the fold features a very bold photo design of their products and the bottom presents product pairings with short, punchy copy.

9. Jack Daniel’s

Can a salesletter written for a product work in email? Jack Daniel’s proves that it can. They use a two-column format with one column featuring a photo of their new product and the other being used for the salesletter. The colors and the designs strongly establish their brand and are centered on their new product. It does a great job in getting your attention, tying the email back to the brand and selling you on their new product.

10. Harry’s

Harry’s does a perfect job of creating a holiday promotion. They use the Winter holiday colors (green and red) for their product placements. Another ingenious part of this email campaign is the fact that they set up alternating blocks of copy and product images in a tile layout that makes it easy to understand the product and get a clear visual of it.

11. Real Adventures

This is a beautiful travel newsletter for the Real Adventures app. In this specific example, the spotlight is put on Cuba. The newsletter uses a lot of white space but the light pastel accents really bring it to life and are reminiscent of the Cuban culture. The content features geometric shaped images, has information that’s clearly organized and strong iconography that makes you want to click.

12. Twitter

Tech companies can make their emails more interesting too with colors. In this example, Twitter uses colorful animations and a visual map to present content to their small business audience. This shows that you can create colorful and engaging email for technical concepts like web hosting, digital security and programming.

If you’re still using black, blue and white colors for your newsletters, it’s time to make a change. These examples not only show that you can create great email designs with different colors, it also proves that you can get results from visually driven email campaigns. In fact, many of these email campaigns have gone viral due to the interesting designs and cleverly placed share buttons.