Sarah Paulson Was Shocked To Find This Buried In The Yard Of Her New House

Sarah Paulson has been candid that success ― at least on a commercial scale ― came later to her in life. The 42-year-old, who began working as an actress as a teenager, has said she doesn’t believe her acting career took off till just four years ago, when she appeared as racist Mistress Epps in 12 Years a Slave. Seemingly keeping with tradition of taking her time with things, it wasn’t until last fall that Paulson became a first-time homeowner, thanks in part to her American Horror Story castmate, Emma Roberts. During the Tribeca Film Festival, Paulson chatted with AD about her new home at the McIntosh Townhouse, where she was celebrating the 2nd Moet Moment Film Festival, an annual competition that encourages a new generation of artists dedicated to telling stories through film. Although the 2,100-square-foot single-story home in Hollywood Hills West had been renovated shortly before Paulson purchased it off-market from Roberts, she decided to make some personal adjustments to it herself, and thus has yet to move into the three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house, which was originally built in 1949. If the end result is anything near as stylish as the American Crime Story actress’s red carpet appearances, we can’t wait to see the final result.

AD: A little birdie told us you just bought a house.

Sarah Paulson: I did just buy a house! It’s in Los Angeles.

AD: And Emma Roberts used to own it, right? Were you just hanging out there one time and asked her if you could buy it, or how did it happen?

SP: I had never been to her house actually, but I was really starting for the first time…I’m a New Yorker at heart, so the idea of living in a box over a subway stop never really bothered me, and it’s all I ever really thought I wanted and I was totally content with, but it turned out when you live in Los Angeles for a long enough time, you start to realize: “Wait, you mean I can figure out a rug, and a bedspread, and a painting that I love?!” And all of a sudden those things were starting to become things I was aware of in terms of my own personal tastes. And I happen to think Emma has incredible taste. And we worked together, and I think Emma was doing Scream Queens at the time and I was still doing American Horror Story, and I was standing with one of the producers, who is a friend of Emma’s as well, and she texted very casually, “Oh, I want to sell my house.” I don’t think she was that serious. I was sitting there and I said to him: “Tell her right now I want to go see that house!” And it happened very, very quickly, and I’m not 100 percent sure she really wanted to do that but it’s too late now — I’ve already done so much stuff to it you can’t even imagine!