Travelling made fun – Find out how

You decide to take a break and head to that alluring destination you’ve been planning to for far too long. It’s a much-needed hiatusfrom the tiresome schedule with the family. But that’s where the problem lies; you are tired, and the only one who can drive is you. So it looks like it is a much-awaited break for all except you. Not done!

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DriveU gives you the option to break free from this tedious custom. You, too, can enjoy travelling without having to bother about controlling the wheel. Take a nap when you want to, catch up on all the pending conversation with your family, and enjoy the scenery. DriveU will send their most reliable drivers on call, so that you can travel for fun, for the love of nature and for family time.

An app to your rescue

DriveU is just one tap away. This user-friendly app is awaiting to be downloaded from the Play Store/App Store on your phone. The next step would be to set up the location and the pickup time on the app, and the assigned driver will be at your doorstep, on time. If you want to track the driver’s whereabouts while he is on his way, you just have to ask the app. No calls, no directions. Just book your driver and plan the merriment along the way.

Safety first…

Is the next question on your mind about letting an unknown person drive your car? Please set this worry aside. You can rest assured knowing that, at DriveU, customer safety and satisfaction comes first. Before getting employed with DriveU, a driver goes through a vigorous background check. We only accept the application of drivers with relevant driving experience of over three years. Once on-board, these drivers for hirego through a ‘Customer Handling Experience’ training. DriveU not only takes care of your safety, but it also ensures a pleasant, wholesome endeavour for you.

…with affordability

You get all this at a cost that is the most reasonable in the market. The user-friendly DriveU app allows you to track the cost throughout the drive. Hence, there is no way you can be charged otherwise by the driver or the app itself. Everything is calculated all along and reflects on your phone at the end of your trip.

Make merry

Time to set free from the standard norm of playing a driver for all family outings. Tell yourself that you deserve better than driving all the way while your family is taking a nap, or reading a book or capturing the beautiful scenery. You also deserve to do just that!Let DriveU bring to you the comfort and the stress-free travelling that you deserve. After all, a break from work should literally mean a break from work and not another job.