7 Things to Know Before Hiring Movers

When you face any changes in your life you feel excited and overwhelmed because of the new things to learn. The same feeling you are likely to have when deciding to move anywhere. The process of relocation can be easily simplified if you hire a team of professionals to support you at any moment of the entire process. But the following question that arises is how one can hire reliable movers in Edmonton and not get scammed. To help you figure out the answer to this question we prepared seven tips.

  1. Know What Type of Mover You Need

First things first, so before you start calling or checking any movers in Edmonton make sure that you know what type of move you are planning. There are local, interstate, international moving companies and each of them is dealing with specific moves. So first of all think of your departure and destination points to calculate the distance and understand what type of movers you need to hire.

  1. Do the Research

After you made up your mind about the type of movers to look for it is the time to actually do your research. Talk to the people you know, go online, and check local newspapers for some contacts. It is highly advised to get up to 10 names on the list and no less than three for further considerations.

  1. Ask Questions

After you found some companies, make short (maybe even via the phone) interviews. Ask several questions that interest you (for instance, about the cost and services included, license and physical address). After asking question and evaluating their customer service in general you will be able to downsize your list to 5 to 3 movers.

  1. Understand the Estimates

Estimates can actually be pretty confusing to understand. So when you talk to the movers’ representatives ask about the estimates and explanation of their types to understand what you are paying and not paying money for.

  1. Understand the Fees

Another thing connected to money issues is movers’ fees. They can also be tricky and frequently hidden. So according to movers in Edmonton before signing any papers you need to make sure that you understand every single word in the documents. In case something is unclear do not feel embarrassed to ask questions again. At this point you will also see customer support of a company and will have time to back up in case something goes wrong.

  1. Check Mover’s Complaints

Every company has some complaints, regardless of its service and customer support efforts, simply because some people can never be satisfied. But according to Calgary-movers.net you still need to have a look at a company’s register to make sure that the problems were solved with any customer and that the company has more good than bad recommendations and reviews.

  1. FAQ’s

Read FAQ of movers before you get to torturing them with the questions you could avoided. Not only you will know about the mover more, you will also get better attitude from the movers’ managers.