Top 5 MBA Programmes You Should Know About

Online education is the best choice for working professionals who want to acquire more degrees. Many professionals are considering taking up an online MBA to help them reach higher positions and earn more salary. If you’re planning the same, then there are different MBA programs that you will come across and you need to choose according to your convenience based on their features and characteristics. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

  1. Two-Year Full Time MBA Programmes

Traditional MBA programmes require you to be totally committed to the program that continues for 4 semesters with a mandatory corporate internship. You might be needed to relocate to a different city depending on the B-school you have applied for. This is the most expensive option and offers the least flexibilities.

  1. Accelerated MBA Programmes

This is a great choice for students looking for schedule flexibilities. Students have to appear for more examinations and there is very less time between the semesters. You need to handle the same course load as 2-year programmes, but in a much shorter time span. There are no vacations and there is no internship as well. You earn the degree rapidly and by doing so, you learn to implement the acquired skills quickly.

  1. Online MBA Programmes

Online or distance MBA is becoming very popular among the working professionals. This program offers a lot of flexibilities as you don’t have to attend classes and lectures, making this a perfect choice for professionals who don’t want to quit their jobs and acquire an MBA degree too.

The educational format will be completely different and online study materials, chat rooms, and videos will become your learning tools. With technology advancing every single day, many universities and colleges are coming up with online MBA programs like online MBA in HR and distance MBA in systems.

  1. Executive MBA Programmes

This course is meant to meet the academic needs of executives and managers, and allow you to work full-time. However, these programmes are meant for people who have many years of experience and hold top positions in their companies already.

  1. Part-Time MBA Programmes

This programme also offers quite a lot of flexibility in terms of the structure as you need to attend evening and weekend classes. This is another option that working professionals have but many people find it really tough to balance these with their work due to regular classes and assignments.

With so many options out there, figure out what suits you the best before applying for one!